Card of the Day. Lenormand Snake

DAY 9 – tomorrow’s guidance


My first impression when I drew the SNAKE card was that it was not coiled up looking right at me.  I didn’t sense any danger or warning signals.  Knowing there are some negative connotations with this card when using traditional meanings I don’t always put too much weight on them.  In many cases the SNAKE does predict some falsehood or wrong directions in situations or around people.  You need to figure this out yourself when merging other cards with SNAKE.

The SNAKE expects respect and in turn will offer her wisdom.  Is this a new person being called in on my father’s case? If you do not respect SNAKE’s power then you will experience the betrayal, jealousy and deception associated with this card.

As I meditate on this card further I get a choking feeling.  A type of smothering – gasping for air.  Is the snake ready to attack?   I have learned through my experiences with the Pages of Shustah to look at the image and see if there are some changes in any part of the picture.  This can be done with Titania’s Lenormand deck quite nicely.

SNAKE has the common associated meaning of Intestines.

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