Card of Day. Lenormand Stars

March 7 – Day 6

The STARS card has appeared again for today’s guidance.  Make a Wish.  See the previous post for the interpretation of this card.  Another blessing with positive energy.

—–CLICK HERE for the suggested meanings from the other day—–


One thought on “Card of Day. Lenormand Stars

  1. My thought when you drew Stars + Mountain the other day was that the combination spelled out a literal message: a strong wish (or inspired intention) can move mountains. Following that draw, the Death card from the Pages of Shustah appeared, and the dreaded operation was cancelled. Now Stars appears again – perhaps a message to stay on the same track as your previous wish?

    Maintaining the purity and integrity of your thought process has been important in this journey, and it isn’t easy in the midst of the rigidity (Mountain) of the medical system. Receiving Stars again seems to be a cosmic “pat on the back,” and at the same time a reminder to keep looking up – to seek a bigger picture, a broader perspective than the medical model offers on its own.

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