contributing Card of the Day- Lenormand Mountain


I have had many dreams of late which ended up giving me guidance through symbolism.  Last night I dreamt of a tear in adapter power cord of my computer.   This propelled me to draw a contributing card to the STARS I drew last night.

The contributing card is MOUNTAIN.  When combined with the STARS this duo can indicate an almost impossible fulfillment of a wish being made.  However, another way to look at it is that it will be Mighty Wish which can be achieved one step at a time.

It takes a very skilled person to climb a mountain especially if it is steep.  There are other ways around the mountain which can take longer and equally as dangerous.  The mountain in the image can suggest an Illness or Disease especially if you have a health related question on your mind.

A mountain does not move.  It just sits there against the horizon.  I am curious to discover how this card’s meanings will play into all that is going on right now.  Can a mountain be destroyed?  Will there be some major obstacle which was revealed by my dream.  A tear in a power cord.  Is this a leak or actual rupture of some sort??


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