Card of the Day. Pages of Shustah – Red 1. Death


For tomorrow’s guidance I am using the Pages of Shustah deck.

Tomorrow is my Birthday as well and I am truly blessed to share it with my father as well as other people who may cross my path.

You can imagine my dismay when I drew the one card which I would rather not see right now.  It creeps me out but I also know the DEATH card has many levels of meanings which can offer some guidance for tomorrow’s events.

Red 1. Death.

Before I even get into this card’s possible meanings I suspect that there will be a huge change in plans for some reason or other tomorrow.  Something will be halted.  Maybe time is running out and things need to speed up to provide some sort of medical treatments.

Over the years I have heard that birthdays seem to repeat themselves for major events in people’s lives.  I know of one lady whose male friend died on her mother’s birthday.  My daughter and best girlfriend have the same birthday. My birthday is the same as my best girlfriend’s son-in-law. My father’s birthday is the same as my male friend’s son.

Ok getting back to the card. According to Manser/North the two authors of the accompanying Pages of Shustah book the DEATH card is a card of termination, physical death and definitely something becoming final.

As much as this card is an ending it would be part of the natural cycle of things. All things end one way or another and a new direction is the result.  Will there be a new plan tomorrow with regards to this major procedure planned for the weekend which could have been represented by the Lenormand MOUNTAIN?

I am a bit worried what this card’s influence will really mean. Hopefully it will only mean the ending of one plan of action and implementing a new one.


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