Card of Day. Lenormand Stars/ Mountain- follow up


As I pulled into the driveway I noticed the night sky was very clear.  I found myself gazing at the twinkling stars and wishing. I wasn’t sure what I was wishing but felt very much connected even though I was a tiny speck among the great Universe. It was a very tiring day.  I completely forgot I drew the STARS card last night until I reviewed my post.

The MOUNTAIN card ended up representing a situation which was much more complicated than first thought.  I did wish I wasn’t hearing what I heard.  With all due respect to my family I won’t reveal exactly what is going on but enough to be able to apply the Cards I pick.  There is a major procedure scheduled which may or may not work.  After studying the MOUNTAIN card I think there will be an evasive technique performed to get at the source of the situation.  I’m thinking the entire health situation is the MOUNTAIN.

One more thing I would like to add is that when I spoke to my father I could see a MOUNTAIN of Strength emanating from his eyes.  Those teary eyes were twinkling like little STARS. I know the Universe heard my silent wish as I looked out the window of the hospital room as the sun was setting.

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