Card of the Day: Lenormand Rider

DAY 1:

I have always found an inner peace when I write about my favourite subject, the Cards.  Even though I am going through a difficult time right now with my beloved father I have decided to continue with some shorter regular posts using the Lenormand Cards.  At different times I will use the Pages of Shustah, Ziguener Wahrsagekarten and other oracle decks which I have written about to some degree.


  • Personal Healing Therapy during my current journey
  • Detail possible meanings of the cards for the Day
  • Demonstrate examples of  the ‘real’ life situation in a follow up post

An important message may arrive today. This news is on it’s way.

Draw another card to see if the information will be positive or negative. I don’t really want to know so  I will wait to see how the day unfolds.

This card suggests momentum and can indicates action behind planning.

At the end of the day  or prior to the next card I will share an aspect of what really happened with a follow up post.

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