Card of the day Lenormand Rider -follow up


Yes, news did come in today.  A new doctor relayed lots of information which accumulated from the past several weeks.  The momentum picked up and started spinning out of control.

I kept asking for clarity as there was some confusion determining precisely what all this new info actually meant.

I interjected in the scheduled plan for tomorrow and demanded ‘straight’ answers as there was no consensus on what exactly was the problem.  It made no sense to me to proceed and I became quite vocal about it.  Who else is going to be a second voice on my dad’s behalf?

RESULT: a second opinion is being called in to evaluate the situation

I think the RIDER card can bring in waves of  news or info which could sweep you off your feet if you are not grounded.  Of course I did not draw a second card but I suspect I would have chosen the Scythe (abrupt halt to a plan or situation).

The RIDER card can represent a new person involved in a situation as well.

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