Thoughts on the Tarot Swords Suit

I have been thinking a lot about the Tarot cards lately.  I like to read people’s insights about this deck on other blogs/websites to gain a different perspective.  I have found the core information to be threaded together throughout the world. Every once in awhile I come across an author who thinks outside of the box and dares to share their slant on the Tarot.  When a person introduces new angles to the Tarot it takes a long time before other people actually open themselves up to these new angles.  It’s more comfortable to see what has always been seen.  I’m really glad there a study groups on the Tarot to allow such people to share.  It really depends where you are geographically located as well because some town inhabitants who are interested in Tarot hold on to their LWB meanings  like it’s a bible.

Generally, the Swords suit is linked  to the Air element in Astrology.  Cups are Water. Pentacles are Earth.  Wands are Fire.  Of course there are some who believe otherwise.

If the element of air is linked to ideas, thoughts and even words (which should convey these ideas) then the Air suit should reflect this in each and every card of the suit.  I’d like to share some thoughts on the first 3 Sword Cards.

The Ace of Swords

1910 Rider

This is where it all begins.  An idea is just an idea nothing more nothing less.  Everyone has ideas. There are no emotions, results or actions at this point.  The Ace is detached from everything so far. However, the idea is Energy. The single sword could very well be  this idea if you choose to believe that.

The Two of Swords

1910 Rider

Another viewpoint or factor to the original idea is introduced which is created a state whereby there should be some sort of decision made. Looking at the above image we see the blindfolded lady. She cannot see but she does hold 2 swords which represents the added viewpoint.  There is no feeling of movement.  This does not have to mean that someone else is involved.  It could all be in one’s own mind.

The Three of Swords

1910 Rider

Does this card mean a 3rd viewpoint has been added?  (“twos company threes a crowd”) I have seen this card come up hundreds of times in Readings over the last 4 decades.  No, it does not always mean a devastating situation in matters of the heart.  You must remember there are no emotions attached to the Sword suit.  It is indifferent.  If there is any pain it is purely in idea form.  Most of the time it is an imaginary hurt or a bruised ego.  At this point something might be verbalized which is on one’s mind.  Or someone else interferes with their own 2 cents worth.

Plain and simple.  This card can represent a tormented mind.

Follow this link for the various meanings of the 3 of Swords—->Joan Bunning on line Course.

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One thought on “Thoughts on the Tarot Swords Suit

  1. 1 = aim, idea; on the dot
    2 = discussion/ decission; make up the mind
    3 = manifestation; the mind is set on it
    4 = consequences of the state as it is; waitig for response
    5 = response from the outside
    6 = looking for new ways; balance out inside and outside
    7 = try change for the better; what it should be
    8 = argument; what it could be
    9 = defeat; what it is not
    10 = outcome; end of line

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