looking back at the 10 of Swords

In a previous reading regarding a relationship I wrote the following:

I took a deep breath each time I spoke and I asked for guidance to find the right words. Instead of coming out and saying, “fat chance on this one” I stated that the swords rule the intellectual realm where we find our thoughts and ideas.  I told the female that perhaps the relationship would not work out in the way she thought or hoped and that maybe subconsciously she is thinking it will fail.  The cards in the reading promise this relationship with the male but the last card is telling her to stop expecting the worst because she will attract that to herself.

The outcome card does not necessarily mean the relationship is doomed even though it appears to be saying that.  The 10 swords is strongly indicating that she needs to prepare for some changes and I think most of this changes need to occur in her attitude about the relationship.

1910 Public Domain Tarot

After several discussions via email with the client she confessed that her attitude towards the male in question was dubious.  She did not trust him because of a situation which planted seeds of doubt in her head.  Yes, the female was anticipating the worst to happen – like a break up in the relationship. Her reasoning behind her attitude was plain old suspicion.

This couple had several emotional encounters where she became confrontational as to his loyalty to her.  The result is as follows:

The female no longer places a major significance on whether or not the relationship will work…and that in itself is a change in attitude.


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