Feedback from Wulfie January 4, 2010.

I want to share with everyone a recent comment regarding a Tarot Celtic Cross reading interpretation I did.  Wulfie’s insights are truly helpful.

Here is the link to my interpretation.

The image below is the actual Celtic Cross Layout.

Celtic Cross. Dec 9, 2009


I think you did a good reading. It’s hard to give totally accurate readings because so many things aren’t cut in stone. I took the reading in a whole different way. It starts out showing the two pentacles, making it clear the issue surrounds material concerns. The King and Queen sort of oppose each other, to me, in this case because the King has it together, the Queen does too but in a different way. The Queen’s about enjoying the fruits of her labor in creative ways. The King’s more about controlling what he’s earned. The 9 cups falls in the roots of the question, the driving force behind the question…which to me translate to the wish card being her WISH that she’ll get the job and that the interview went well. The next card is the 3 of cups, so we’ve moved from the material realm of pentacles into the arena of emotional cups. This card’s celebrating the wish card…kinda like counting your chickens before they’ve hatched, if you follow me? Now we get our first major arcana in
the form of the Emperor, this can sometimes be an alterative outcome card to the one in position 10. But the emperor is like the King of pentacle snd the King of swords…which are all control cards, and probably a male figure in the querents life, if not her more logical mind. Whoever it is and whether it’s an aspect of herself (like doubt or a bossy boy friend/husband, father/etc) it’s about control, logic, reason. The next card is another cup, the knight of cups so we’re back in the realm of emotions. But in this deck (Is it Robin Wood?) he’s facing AWAY from the central issue. To me that indicates he’s not supporting the materialism of the pentacles. Instead, he’s looking toward the emotions driving the need for materialims.

The next position is a sword card, we’ve entered the realm of thought. The energy here is of moving away from one thing to another unknown shore. To me this is the querents desire to move away from something and toward this new job and what she imagines it can provide her. Next we go to more cups, a happy card, often a family card of ease and pleasure, something all of us want and long for. So in some way she sees the new job as a way of securing this happy picture for herself and those closest to her. In the next position of hopes and fears, we run into another mental/thought sword in the grumpy knight. He’s pretty steadfast and unmoving, a sort of block to the desired outcome. This could be a male figure on the interview team or some male that gave a bad reference, whatever. But it’s a big block. Then in the final outcome position we get our second major arcana, Strength, which suggests that in order to get the job she’d needs to push for it, to show her strengths and ability to
balance herself among the emotional cards (which are her own emotions) and the interfering cards (which could be her own mind’s doubts but are more likely the doubts of others, say the interviewers)

To me the reading says she’s got a good chance of getting the job but that she misread the signals of it having been a good interview because she wants the job so badly in order to change her life circumstances. There’s also a suggestion that her emotions and blocking her from clear thinking and that the job isn’t really what she wants anyways. What she’d really love is something to do with creativity, not control.

Was the job related to a position of power where she’d be giving out orders? If so, it’s likely she’d rather have had a lower job and be the one putting projects together, creatively.

But that’s just my take on the cards. I’m sure there’s a million other ways to look at it too…especially AFTER the Fact.

Wulfie: THANK YOU for your interpretation

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