Job Question: misleading Tarot advice

QUESTION:  A client of mine wanted to know if she would secure a job she applied for.  This layout was done a day after her Interview.  The Interview went really well and she met all the qualifications required.

I gave her positive encouragement stating that most likely she would be offered the position within the next 3-4 weeks.  I based this interpretation on the Knight of Cups in spot 6 of the Celtic Cross which generally rules the immediate future.  

The wish card (9 of Cups) fell in spot 5, the crowing card and it promised a ‘yes’ answer to her question.

The 10 of Cups in the 8th spot of ‘others’ suggested a happy outcome and that the panel of people who interviewed her for this job were pleased with her.

The last card, ‘outcome’  Strength showed no signs of a negative or disappointing result from her interview.

The crossing card, Queen of Pentacles, was financially positive depicting the opportunity the client would be employed. 

The only card which could have been interpreted as a possible warning is card 9, the King of Swords which traditionally represents fears and hopes.  Often this card is also read as a pending influence which would manifest prior to the card 6 (Knight of Cups).

RESULT:  The client was NOT chosen for this job.

So what went wrong with this analysis.  I was quite disturbed that she did not get the job because the Reading was filled with promise. 

We all have had experiences such as this one when we intrepret the cards to mean one thing and the opposite happens.  I am trying to look for clues within the cards which I overlooked or did not factor.  In all my 40+ years I never advised a client to a favourable answer unless I had many cards which suggested a positive answer.  I would rather say, ‘it looks like you will land the job however the cards are not 100% clear’.  At least this way the client is totally aware that quite possibly they may not get the job.

I studied card 7 which can represent the client’s attitude about the whole job question.  The 6 of Swords suggests she actually believed by securing this job she could move past some of her current financial hardships.  Her attitude was in the right place.

I am curious if anyone wishes to comment with  their insights into this Reading.  I would like to add these comments to share with others.   This is how we all learn – from each other.     


5 thoughts on “Job Question: misleading Tarot advice

  1. Hi,

    very interesting your issue. It happened to me also this kind of misleading or confuse reading. I read in one of my Tarot books that “the Strength” card is never an action card, I mean it doesn’t have a prediction value it’s rather influenced by other cards or influences the surrounding cards. I know that all the manuals of Tarot present this arcane as a very good one, but in my 10 years experience of reading, this card always expressed resistance rather than real force or vitality or solutions. It’s a very passive arcane that express endurance and often, real capacity of facing delays. This is the conclusion of real practice and I didn’t find it in any books, I just wanted to share it with you because I saw your Celtic Cross and I found it interesting. I am not a professional Tarot reader, I’m just a passionate of Tarot and I only read for my close friends and for myself.

    thank you,


    • Greetings Elena,
      Thank you very much for your comment.
      It’s true that sometimes certain cards resonate differently with the Reader. I have had similar experiences. I appreciate your insights about the Strength card. I hope you enjoy your journey with the Tarot & continue to personalize the meanings as you are doing.
      Best Wishes,

  2. I think you did a good reading. It’s hard to give totally accurate readings because so many things aren’t cut in stone. I took the reading in a whole different way. It starts out showing the two pentacles, making it clear the issue surrounds material concerns. The King and Queen sort of oppose each other, to me, in this case because the King has it together, the Queen does too but in a different way. The Queen’s about enjoying the fruits of her labor in creative ways. The King’s more about controlling what he’s earned. The 9 cups falls in the roots of the question, the driving force behind the question…which to me translate to the wish card being her WISH that she’ll get the job and that the interview went well. The next card is the 3 of cups, so we’ve moved from the material realm of pentacles into the arena of emotional cups. This card’s celebrating the wish card…kinda like counting your chickens before they’ve hatched, if you follow me? Now we get our first major arcana in the form of the Emperor, this can sometimes be an alterative outcome card to the one in position 10. But the emperor is like the King of pentacle snd the King of swords…which are all control cards, and probably a male figure in the querents life, if not her more logical mind. Whoever it is and whether it’s an aspect of herself (like doubt or a bossy boy friend/husband, father/etc) it’s about control, logic, reason. The next card is another cup, the knight of cups so we’re back in the realm of emotions. But in this deck (Is it Robin Wood?) he’s facing AWAY from the central issue. To me that indicates he’s not supporting the materialism of the pentacles. Instead, he’s looking toward the emotions driving the need for materialims.

    The next position is a sword card, we’ve entered the realm of thought. The energy here is of moving away from one thing to another unknown shore. To me this is the querents desire to move away from something and toward this new job and what she imagines it can provide her. Next we go to more cups, a happy card, often a family card of ease and pleasure, something all of us want and long for. So in some way she sees the new job as a way of securing this happy picture for herself and those closest to her. In the next position of hopes and fears, we run into another mental/thought sword in the grumpy knight. He’s pretty steadfast and unmoving, a sort of block to the desired outcome. This could be a male figure on the interview team or some male that gave a bad reference, whatever. But it’s a big block. Then in the final outcome position we get our second major arcana, Strength, which suggests that in order to get the job she’d needs to push for it, to show her strengths and ability to balance herself among the emotional cards (which are her own emotions) and the interfering cards (which could be her own mind’s doubts but are more likely the doubts of others, say the interviewers)

    To me the reading says she’s got a good chance of getting the job but that she misread the signals of it having been a good interview because she wants the job so badly in order to change her life circumstances. There’s also a suggestion that her emotions and blocking her from clear thinking and that the job isn’t really what she wants anyways. What she’d really love is something to do with creativity, not control.

    Was the job related to a position of power where she’d be giving out orders? If so, it’s likely she’d rather have had a lower job and be the one putting projects together, creatively.

    But that’s just my take on the cards. I’m sure there’s a million other ways to look at it too…especially AFTER the Fact.

  3. Thank you for your comment.
    You have brought up some very interesting points. I appreciate the fact you took the time to offer feedback on this reading. I will be posting your insights on a future posts linking back to the original interpretation of the reading.
    Thanks again.

  4. Hello, Seaqueen!
    I just stumbled upon this post, which is over a year old now, but how fascinating! I have read your interpretation as well as Wulfie’s which you reposted. Both of you have some very interesting insights!

    There were several things that struck me when I first looked at the spread. First of all, the dichotomy of the central question divided by the man and the woman in the financial realm. She is a woman perhaps looking for work in a man’s world. The presence of the Emperor and the King of Swords are, to me, continued emphasis on this point. With the 3 of cups below her, perhaps she is coming from a place of women’s liberation, a celebration of women and their strengths, hence her optimism in the 9 of cups card. However, along the timeline of immediate past to immediate future, the presence of male cards dominates, beginning with the Emperor (perhaps even her father who inspired or challenged her to be a driven woman) and ending with the Knight of cups. As the Knight of cups is a decidedly softer male, this could represent the softening of the workplace to women, the blurring of the line between men and women in the workplace, or simply the querent’s own desire to show ability to represent the traits of both sexes.

    In the base of the cross the cards that struck me right away were the King of Swords and the Strength card. As the 6 of swords shows the querent’s mind thinking of possibilities ahead and the 10 of cups shows the importance of the happiness and well-being of her family, the sudden appearance of the foreboding and blocking King of Swords card is especially noteworthy as it is found in the house of “influencing factors.” The King may literally represent the man that decided not to hire her, the man that was hired instead, or even just the reality that men still rule the workforce in many cases.

    When I first saw the strength card as her final outcome card, I thought it seemed clear that she might not get the job… I read it as a sign that she would need to muster her strength and quiet reserve to get through the disappointment that could come. Also, regardless of the blocks in the road, she is still a strong woman worthy of her desires and fully capable of landing such a job- even if it wasn’t that one.

    Wonderful readings and notes here! And I also saw the amazing picture of your grandson, who seems to be a very special little being! All the best to your and your family during his time of recovery!

    Peace. Rachael

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