Lenormand Female faces decision


Female confused with a romantic situation faces a decision.

In today’s example I am using a 4 card layout which places 3 cards in the future line.  Traditionally, cards to the right of cards representing a person or situation reveal probable future circumstances.

The LADY is facing the BIRDS card which can be interpreted to mean an uneasiness or mixed thoughts about a romantic situation.  Often the BIRDS card reminds me of the Astrological Air sign of Gemini.  Gemini signs are known to multi-task both on a physical and intellectual level.

The BIRDS card portrays the female to be in a state of multi-thinking which can put her in a temporary confused state until a decision or choice has been made.

The KEYS card poses a duality in meaning as well.  A solution to a dilemma can be one way to read the KEYS card.  It could actually mean a plan of action or commitment.  Once the female arrives at a decision she will need to implement her thought process towards the goal of this decision.

So how does the RIDER card fit into the equation?  We know the RIDER card means news is on it’s way already based on previous cards and/or past situations.  The RIDER card will bring the essence of the KEYS card into the future.  What we don’t know is what the result will be as the layout stops at 4 cards.  At this point you could draw a contributing card to see if the energy is supportive or destructive.

The RIDER card as a male person will demand that the female drop her confusion about him and he will move forward with or without her.

At this point we do not know the outcome but in all probability a solid commitment is pending (KEYS).

NOTE:  Jan. 19, 2010.

Please read Carol’s comment on this post.  She has brought up helpful insights into the interpretation of this trio of cards.

3 thoughts on “Lenormand Female faces decision

  1. u can answer that in one sentence: make up ur mind, when u are sure, u can proceed.
    if u get deeper in the spread, it reaveals the background. this woman wants to keep the balnce, but feels that she can’t keep up everything, for her own good, she has to work it out, from her side, with patience. it is her turn, to make a step towards resolving her anxiety. birds indicate two, torn inbetween, so it is up to her to get rid of burdens and dead weight, and also her wrong assumptions, to achieve a more steady state within her and according to her relationship to others. this will be achieved in the ongoing process. it is a task that she is facing, and that she will rsolve to get back into the flow, pick up the lose end and continue actively to grow and follow her path. the quintessence is the child, which is a new beginning.


  2. Nice interpretation, but I see this also as other meaning, the birds can show her thinking about the pros and cons so she can decide what’s best and achieve a result (key) and the rider could mean that the solution will come from talking about this … or that she will receive for sure news in the future that will help her to decide
    Nice knowing this blog! first time here…

    • Hi Carol,
      Thank you for your comment. Excellent insight into the Birds card. Actually, there was a conversation between a couple in this regard. They did talk about the pros and cons of a relationship. The cards reflect a real life situation which occurs often in people’s lives.
      Glad you are enjoying the content on the blog. Best wishes: Seaqueen

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