9 of Cups crossing. 10 of Swords outcome.

I recently did a Celtic cross reading for a female asking a very popular question, “will my relationship work out with so-and-so?”

When I saw the crossing card 9 of Cups,

I was optimistic for her question, however, when I placed the last card in spot #10 revealing the outcome I was quite surprised to see the 10 of swords.

The remainder of the cards in the Celtic Cross were very, very positive including card #8 in the spot of OTHERS.  Others in this case would be the male’s influence or thoughts about the female.  Here fell the Ace ofCups which is the offer of a relationship.

It took me some time to synthesize this reading in lieu of the last card. Honestly, I was not sure why the heck this sword card appeared.  As you know when you read for someone else you can’t very well say, “could you come back after I have some more time to study this layout”.  Well, you could say that but I think the client would lose some confidence in your ability.  I have folded (ended) readings in the past when I wasn’t getting the gist of the reading or found it too difficult to read for the person either because they resisted or the overall connection between me and them wasn’t there.  This happens even if you have thousands of readings under your belt.

For the first time in quite some time I searched my heart to find the words in explaining the final card.  How was I going to advise this female about the relationship.  I knew the male had hopes in the beginning stages of this connection. (Ace of Cups)  This card can also be used to time events such as the possibility of the summer of 2010.

I took a deep breath each time I spoke and I asked for guidance to find the right words. Instead of coming out and saying, “fat chance on this one” I stated that the swords rule the intellectual realm where we find our thoughts and ideas.  I told the female that perhaps the relationship would not work out in the way she thought or hoped and that maybe subconsciously she is thinking it will fail.  The cards in the reading promise this relationship with the male but the last card is telling her to stop expecting the worst because she will attract that to herself.

The outcome card does not necessarily mean the relationship is doomed even though it appears to be saying that.  The 10 swords are strongly indicating that she needs to prepare for some changes and I think most of this changes need to occur in her attitude about the relationship.

I have not interpreted the 10 of swords in this way before but because of the strength of the cards in the remaining Celtic Cross layout I knew I had to study this card from a slightly different perspective.

It was my responsibility to offer hope in this case because if you notice in the card the yellow sky is visible in the horizon. Also, whatever else happens it can only get better.  10=1 Magician, Aces. One’s dark and gloomy attitude can destroy potential positive situations.

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3 thoughts on “9 of Cups crossing. 10 of Swords outcome.

  1. Hello Seaqueen,

    I was thinking that perhaps what the cards are trying to say is that this relationship will come to and end in some point, it will work out, yes, but it wont lead to marriage, it will eventually fail to become an long term-death do us part sot of thing.

  2. Hello Apo,

    Thanks very much for your insights regarding this post.

    I tend to agree with you about the marriage possibility. When I get feedback from the female involved I will post the results. It’s a great way to learn about cards “after the fact”.

    Good to hear from you again.

    Take care,


  3. the good thing abt the 10 of swords is, that it is a clear cut. and often a desired one, because it is driven by intellectual powers, unlike death, which is a transformation, an organic process, that brings things to an end and initiates the birth of something new. the client will face new joy, because the crossing card is very positive, and release something that was delaying or obstructing the way to her luck. with the ace of cups in pos. 8, it shows the trust and confidence, that both have into each other and the relationship, so i doubt, it will be a break up – unless she wants to break free from him. so i see the card as positive and liberating, rather than threatening.


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