Meeting certain people at certain times.

Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone new or even someone you have not seen for quite some time in certain stages of your life?

I often wonder why these people appear or reappear.  I can understand the reconnections with former friends, acquaintances, lovers or ex’s.  Most likely there is still some unfinished business with these people which requires additional time to sort out.

What about the new person that appears in your life through unexpected circumstances when you really are not looking to meet anyone new.  Sure we meet new people all the time but I am talking about the person who ends up becoming a more significant part of your every day life.

I think one has to stop and think about the stage they are in life. Were there some recent changes which altered the regular routine of life?  Did this new person come into the picture to lend moral support or are they a reflection of a fear based state of mind, like insecurity or fear?

If you look closely at this new person’s lifestyle you should be able to see aspects of yourself.  If they annoy you then something within you is annoying others or you need to set your boundaries by not allowing the person to provoke you.  If they make you feel good about yourself then they could be part of some good Karma (if you believe in that).

There is an old saying, “if it looks to good to be true then it probably is”. I’m not sure … but having my Moon in Scorpio I tend to delve deeply into life situations.  I like to investigate and piece things together.  This is not always a good thing because something very natural with no intention either way could get marred by such a probing. 

One shouldn’t rule out the rule of jungle.  The stronger prey on the weaker and this type of scenerio the weaker person can become dependant of the stronger personality.  

Anyone who is a ‘sensitive’ can do mind benders with themselves.  Too much analysis is not part of unconditional acceptance.

I think sometimes people just have a hard time in accepting good things in their lives because of past disappointments and hurts.  This can be overcome with some soul searching.  I don’t know why many people have been conditioned in this way by expecting the worst thing to happen. 

When a new person enters you life which seems to fill a void this can be a blessing.  It all depends on the state of your mind at that time. 

I do believe people can attract unto themselves certain people at certain times because those people are a bridge during changes.


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