Tarot Moon

1910 Public Domain

1910 Public Domain

The image you see is the Moon card from  one of the most popular Tarot decks.

When I see the Moon card in a reading I am reminded of the traditional associations such as illusions, lack of clarity, and the psychic realms.  Over the years I have known this card to represent different aspects of illusion. The card does not always mean a situation or person is deceitful or hiding something like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Sometimes we imagine things about a situation or person.  When this happens it’s called suspicion.  As far as the psychic elements of this card, intuition is not always clear and can be clouded. There is a very fine line between getting a gut feeling about someone and feeling suspicious.  Only the practiced person knows the difference.

We become so busy in our lives that we do not listen to our intuition or often mistake it for other emotions.

When I asked a question about a situation several months ago I received the Moon card as my answer.  This happened several times.  At first I started to think the situation required more scrutiny and that perhaps it was not what I thought.  I thought this way because of the associations of the Moon card.

Then I decided to look at this card in a different way, a change in perspective much like the Hanged Man teaches.  I came to the conclusion that it was me who did not see the situation for what it was instead of the other way around. Basically, I was not looking at the card anymore, I was inside of the card looking out.   This was a great exercise.

I think one of the lessons of the Moon card for me was to address some previous issues which were deep rooted in a similar situation.  A type of habitual pattern.  It all boils down to trust which is the positive element of the Moon card.

No matter how good you think you are as a card interpreter there is always room for another perspective.  My journey with cards and in particular with the Tarot has reached many transformations. I learn new things about the cards all the time and I am not shy about admitting that either.   🙂


2 thoughts on “Tarot Moon

  1. Great post. Seeing through illusion is what the intuition is all about. Trusting what we get intuitively is often difficult due to our doubting nature. Asking for the truth is essential. You are on the mark.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Thanks Rev Foor for your comment. Yes the doubting nature can get in the way and I think this is an aspect of the personality which needs continuous effort to improve especially if it is a main part of the personality. Happy US Thanksgiving in November. Jozefa

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