studying Zigeuner combinations

The Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten  image below is part of the 36 card layout which I did mid July of this year.  ORIGINAL interpretation –CLICK HERE.

I have already posted the portions of the Lenormand layout a few posts back. Actually, I wanted to study this layout a little more because the death I heard about a few weeks ago did not appear in the Lenormand spread in a very direct manner.


SWEETHEART. The X represents me in the reading which was done about 1 month ago.

LETTER + DEATH. I did receive news of a death.  As I study these cards I am reminded of a reading I did many months ago in which a death showed up.  I’ll look it up in the previous posts to see if the circumstances fit this particular theme.

There is no evidence of any long distance travel within the cards in the image but the trip did show up quite clearly in the Lenomand spread.

Expanding on the DEATH card:


Surrounding the news of the death there were several people involved, like a helicopter pilot, sea patrol and the police.  This incident was a drowning.  The Thief card could suggest foul play but not in a criminal way.  Foul play on the water – an accident where the boat capsized.


These 3 cards can point to someone else’s relationship which was going on at the time which has nothing to do with the death.


This trio could point to having a good time through an opportunity which involved a male in uniform.  I can relate to this.


I usually read the first card to mean doing the right thing, following a certain code of belief or some cases it represents an institution of some type where there are rules.  These cards suggest further news coming in with regards to the opportunity presented by the male in uniform.  BABY indicates obligations or duties as well.  I am not certain how this will unfold yet.

Reading the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck can be tricky.  I do think these cards are meant to be read literally first and foremost. Of course there are different layers or levels as with many cartomancy decks but when you have to dig too deep to make combinations work the obvious is missed.

Depending on your style of reading cards this deck can pose a challenge.  Imagery is important and the names of the cards define the essence of the cards.  This can be quite limiting but is a great way for a beginner to learn.  As an advanced Reader you can delve deeper into the meanings.  I do that often.

Also,  when interpreting sibilla style cards the psychic element needs to be incorporated which adds another dynamic.

2 thoughts on “studying Zigeuner combinations

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your comment and link. You have done a great post detailing various layouts to use with the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck. I’m going try a few layouts with the Lenormand and/or Zigeuner as soon as time permits & insert a link to your website. Thanks again. Seaqueen

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