reading Lenormand 24 Heart

From the same layout as in the previous post the focus will be on the HEART card.  The coffin and garden cards were read in combination with the clover cards already but they take on a different shade when coupled with the heart.



ANCHOR- signifies a sold or steady love to come (as they cards lie in the future rows/columns). This card will also expand on a work situation when read outside of the theme.  Yes, it can mean the love of a job as well.

MOUNTAIN- can be romantic obstacles or problems which are a result of a decision (path)

SHIP- yearning for love or a love from a distance.

PATH- a  decision around an emotional or romantic situation.

COFFIN- a new development in the heart theme

GARDEN- admiration from a small group of people

LETTER- news or more information around a romantic situation or even work (anchor)

CROSS- a fated encounter which could become a burden

DOG- loving feelings from a friend.  Interestingly, the cross is above this card which reinforced loyalty.


This card is used to find out about circumstances around a relationship, love encounter or to get a feel of one’s love life.  The heart can represent a young man if not taken in the ‘romantic context’.

So far we have determined, a possible ending from the previous post (coffin).  The cards around the heart show a minor conflict still to come.  The short term influence of the clover card (previous post) did end something….but continues on (coffin) in another form.

If someone where to ask me, ‘will my relationship work out?’ I would do this method of reading the block of cards around the heart if at all possible.  It depends where the heart card is in the layout.  You don’t always have a nice full block as in the image above.

My answer would be relatively positive as the scythe card is not close by but I would warn the person that they will be reassessing the connection (coffin) and reuniting. More than likely they will  have a profound lesson despite it all as this encounter could have a Karmic (cross) quality to it.

4 thoughts on “reading Lenormand 24 Heart

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen

    Thanks for these wonderful examples extracted from the Grand Tableau. I was curious about your interpretation of the coffin close to the heart as a reunion after a break (you have mentioned the scythe as example).

    I had a reading where the following cards came:
    Scythe + Heart + Coffin so do you consider it could mean a reunion after a break?


  2. Hello Stanze,
    Thank you for your comment and question.
    Yes I would read SCYTHE.HEART.COFFIN as a door to further development of the emotional/romantic situation. Even though SCYTHE.HEART. is a powerful message of breakdown, sometimes this necessary to get rid of all those minor issues which clear the air.
    Often break ups happen because of trivial situations which were filled with confusion and they escalate. The COFFIN card does mean an ending but within this card there is the hope of a renewal.
    It does not mean, the connection will return exactly to the point it once was prior to the severance. There will be changes.
    Take care.
    Madame Seaqueen

  3. hello,
    I would like to ask a question because I’m a little confused.In your exemple,do you take as pivot card “heart” and read it in combination with the surrounded cards?For istance:do you read heart+ anchor or anchor+ heart,heart+mountains or mountains+heart and so on?
    thank you for your time to explain me
    best regards,

  4. Hi Kali,

    Thanks for your question. In this sample reading I am reading the HEART card as the pivot card. Normally the cards are read from left to right or top to bottom.
    For example:
    Hope that helps. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I do reply to all comments perhaps not immediately but within a short time.

    Take care,

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