Reviewing part of the Lenormand full board reading

I’m back from an outstanding vacation.

I did 2 readings before I left for the west coast.  One layout is with the French Cartomancy Lenormand and the other with the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten.  I waited to post some of the results of these layouts as I wanted to give the readings some time to manifest.  As I review them now and knowing how certain events transpired in my own life I want to share my findings.  I, too, am interested in the accuracy of the cards.  🙂

The first layout is with Lenormand deck.  When I did this reading I had no inkling or clue that I was about to travel thousands of miles to the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Here is part of the full board.  The X represents me (Lady).


Starting with X-row  LADY + SHIP

At the time of this reading, a mere week prior to my trip I was puzzled by the 3 SHIP card because I knew it meant travel.  I interpreted the duo to mean that quite possibly I would be visited by a loved one HEART.  As it turned out I ended up taking a totally unexpected long trip to visit a loved one, a young man (24 HEART), my son.

The BIRDS cards in the same row indicates 2 of something.  It ended up being that I had a travelling companion as well. The fact that the 1 RIDER card is the last in this row clearly shows the events in process connected to the 28 GENTLEMAN card which also represents my son.  The reason for this is because (at the time of the reading) there was no significant other male that I could of identified to the card.  Of course, this has changed over the last 3 weeks, lol, which brings me to the point of the RIDER + 9 BOUQUET combination.  This duo shows gifts coming from a male.  However, the RIDER is near the 14 FOX card as well which usually warns of some hidden or secret influences.  I like to read FOX as a protective energy as well and this card can mean something simple as selfish energy surrounding this male.    Yes,  the GENTLEMAN has 2 roles in this reading.

Sometimes the Lenormand cards combined actually suggest some very simple and easy meanings which are so obvious that they are sometimes missed.  For example:  21 MOUNTAINS +  4 HOUSE.   I stayed at someone’s home which was surrounded  my mountains and forests. (5 TREE)

(X column) LADY + DOG

Here we have a friend who is somewhat of a karmic influence (36 CROSS- past column).  The 15 BEAR card following the DOG shows a powerful connection.  The fact that COFFIN is next to the HEART card implies the opportunity for an emotional situation to take a different direction which leads straight to the GENTLEMAN card ending the row in the last column.  I think this situation will still unfold and is in the beginning stages of development (COFFIN).

The next few cards I want to address is the 2 CLOVER + 27 LETTER (X Column, last card)  + 7 SNAKE.  The CLOVER bring a quick and unexpected opportunity which came about through correspondence/communication (LETTER) involving a female (SNAKE).  The 32 MOON card pointed to ‘motherly issues’.  I thought at the time I initially read these cards that I would be involved in a family situation (30 LILY) and that I was but not in the way I expected.

As I look back over the events going on the last week of August 2009 I must admit this is spot on.  The female involved was my daughter who at the time was experiencing a major transformation (17 STORK above SNAKE). And yes, a family situation developed (LILY), I was reunited with both my children.


The very last card in this layout is the WHIP coupled with the 5 TREE.  I don’t believe the entire reading has come to pass yet but some major situations did.  It would be nearly impossible to assume that this layout only covered 3 weeks because based on past experience I know that different levels of each card manifest over time.

Coming up next:

The Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten reveals news of a death during my vacation which was not precisely clear in the Lenormand layout…………..

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