additional thoughts on 10 of Wands

Today, when I was scanning the cards from the last post which held the 10 of WANDS in position 8 something else came to my mind.

I saw our Veronica in place of the gent in the image.  I saw the 10 wands to mean Experiences & Skills.  After some more meditation on this card I felt strongly that Veronica was carrying all these Experiences & Skills she possessed thus far forward on the path to a brand new opportunity.


10 of WANDS

10 of WANDS



She is very qualified in specialized areas of work.  This card does not have to mean not seeing what is ahead of you because you are carrying your burdens in such a manner that they block your view of what is awaiting you down the road.  The red tunic covers Veronica.  Wands represent FIRE energy and the color RED is known to indicate ACTION. 

Veronica may not see the road ahead of her during her current situation but this card is in the OTHERS spot. I am identifying the town in the background to represent OTHERS.  This resonates with me much more than OTHERS presenting obstacles.  One of the reasons for this is the SUN card to the left suggesting an AFFIRMATIVE outcome within the next several months.

These additional thoughts were triggered just as I was planning to write a post on some Lenormand combinations using some of more challenging cards to merge.   I will continue with the Lenormand in an upcoming post.

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