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It’s time for another reading for Veronica, a regular contributor of  some of the posts involving her teeter totter cycle of maintaining a job.  This situation has become nearly mainstream for many people these days.

Her recent situation has put her out of a job, again.  Veronica is concerned about her future particularly in securing some work as she has made a large purchase which means she must meet her monthly payment or else…she could have this item repossessed.  Unfortunately, she did not think she needed additional insurance in the event her financial situation changes drastically, which it did without too much warning.

Below is the Tarot Celtic cross illustrating the Robin Wood deck to demonstrate this reading and it is used to display the magnificent artwork of Ms. Wood.  The image is quite small with the positions being labelled as well as the card names.

I will focus on the card combinations and how they apply to the positions rather than taking each position separately.

The question is:  will Veronica find another job before her next payment is due.  A great test for the cards as we can look back on this reading to determine  if the Tarot provided guidance in accordance with the actual outcome.  The date involved is Sept 30, 2009.


When I saw the 4 majors appear out of the 10 Tarot I felt Veronica was on the receiving end of much more than just losing her job.  These majors, HIGH PRIESTESS, SUN, JUDGEMENT and HERMIT hold very powerful energy as do most majors.  She  is lucky to have this energy in the reading no matter what challenging minors appear.

The HIGH PRIESTESS representing the situation depicts energy or information which is not revealed yet in this situation. She does not know everything which makes sense.  The crossing card 6 CUPS combined with the HIGH PRIESTESS tells me her luck will come from a past situation perhaps a former employee or previous set of skills she has overlooked.  As a crossing card this energy is favorable and suggests a profound clue that Veronica will find herself in familiar surroundings once again.

With the HERMIT as the outcome, individual of silent counsel and reminder of going within Veronica will without a doubt follow her own intuition in this process.  The HERMIT does not provide a yes or no answer but the SUN card in the 6th spot of COMING influences does.  In the immediate months the SUN card is a definite yes that some opportunity is heading her way.

As the SELF card, JUDGEMENT reveals a completion.  The end of a process with a renewal – a rebirth.  Veronica seems to be experiencing an awakening with a re-inventing happening within her.  She has learned a lot and will build on those aspects of herself.

The PASSING King of Swords clearly shows a situation in which there is no control over the circumstances.  The decision was made by those in authority and there is nothing she can do but experience what was.  It will pass.  In fact, this has toughened her up.

The TO UNFOLD position which crowns the layout reveal the 3 of PENTACLES. A work card.  It is different than the 8 of PENTACLES, the root of question, the base card.  The 8 shows the question is about working.  The 3 suggest an experienced person.  This means a job will come which she will know how to do or at least partly. The OTHERS spot (card 8) hold the 10 of WANDS,  a responsibility card.  Because the SUN and 3 of PENTACLES point to employment I am not going to read the 10 as a difficulty card even though it is associated with heaviness.  I feel this means a demanding work load.

In the HOPES and FEARS spot 9 we have the 9 of wands.  This card is one of strength despite the odds of securing a job.  It is both a fear and hope.  Veronica hopes she has enough energy to move forward even though there could be stiff competition.  She also fears opposition and because she is tired of fighting.

Finally, back to the HERMIT card.  What is he saying?  How is he answering the question?  What is his guidance?  This card is sometimes tough to interpret without saying the same old thing about looking back to what it took her to get to this point.  It doesn’t matter what it took her to lose her job.  That does not solve anything because she didn’t lose her job because she was a bad employee. It was cut backs.

The more I study the HERMIT I notice the lantern is shining in the direction of the 3 of PENTACLES. This is what Veronica should be looking back to.  Mastery of her own skills and abilities and the confidence which comes with that.

All in all, the reading is amazingly encouraging.

2 thoughts on “Tarot Celtic

  1. Hi seaqueen.

    Thanks for this wonderful example of the celtic cross. I’m a Tarot student and sometimes the Hermit gives me headache. I’ve done a line of 5 also regarding job and there he was!!! I interpreted it as “guidance” and trust (in your own skills and that Universal forces will help you out).

    Would you later gives us feedback – is it’s possible – from this reading? I’m curious to see if turned out to happen.


  2. Hello Stanze,

    Thanks for your comment. I will definitely post the outcome from this reading. I, too, would like to study the HERMIT a little further in relation to the actual results of Veronica’s question.

    The HERMIT card is so profound that sometimes we miss the simplicity of it.

    Take care,

    Madame Seaqueen

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