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As you may know I am authoring another blog over at Ask my Layouts which teaches how to read various cards in a variety of positions in a number of simple layouts I created.

I had a good question from the comments section which I promised to answer by way of this post. I do eventually answer all comments so if you don’t hear from me please keep checking back. Sometimes I use a comments to illustrate the cards in a certain layout but time does not permit me to this on any consistent basis.

HERE is the Comment.  My answers are in pink font.

Hi Madam Seaqueen,


1. most times I get to read the spread about the current situation (the present)and not as an answer to my question!

Often the cards will answer the questions which your subconscious directs.  It may not answer the question you consciously ask.  When this happens it’s a good idea to think about what the cards are saying to see if it does somehow fit into the question you are asking. If not, then use a different spread using less cards to get a more direct answer.  Design your own 3 or 4 card layout.  Assign names to the positions in direct relationship to your question.  Make one position as the answer spot.  If that doesn’t work then your question should be left for another day to ask.  Can’t push the Oracles.

2. when I use the trigger layout I get the answers through reading the columns horizontally and not vertically!!

I think reading the cards horizontally and not vertically might be your method.  The Trigger Layout is designed to be read both ways.  The top horizontal line is the past of each of column of cards.  The middle (Trigger Row) is read horizontally anyways. It is the core of the entire reading.  The bottom horizontal is the result of the two cards preceding in the vertical columns.   Sometimes layouts are a mere guidance to find what works for you.  If you have better luck reading horizontally then continue to do so but do try to study how the vertical columns blend with each other.  This takes lots of practice to master.

3. some cards meanings are still vague for me in combination with other cards e.g. the Birds, the Cross, the Scythe, the Whip.

I get confused when I have those cards in a combined reading. Maybe you can elaborate a bit more about them.


-this card does present a challenge to read.  Often it implies ‘2’ of something and nothing more.  It can represent 2 older people usually women.  It does indicate nervousness and being on edge about something.  Coupled with other cards one of these meanings apply or a meaning which happens to come to your mind as you study it.  Use your gut feelings to guide you and it’s important not to force a meaning in combination.


-this card is a finalization or completion. The end of the road.  It has traditional associations with a heavy emotional burden which can be created by others or a situation.  Look to the cards near it and you can determine what is being tested.  Is it your faith about something?


-simple as cutting out, cutting off, severing or eliminating.  This cards bring a situation to an end.  It cleans up the excess of anything.  Coupled with Mouse it will bring an end to loss.  Coupled with the heart it suggest a sudden break up in a relationship which is painful.  Combined with Anchor it strongly suggests the elimination of a job.  Whatever the card around Scythe it will prevent further development.  This is not always a bad thing.  Unhealthy relationships or pressures at work will end without much warning are usually a blessing.  The scythe is also a Jack of Diamonds which would represent a relentless person someone who shouldn’t be provoked.  He has the capacity to fire off a  scorpion sting.  Many people in financial occupations, lenders of money etc can be the scythe card.


-this is another card can represent the ‘2’ of something.  Generally it is a card of arguing, fighting, debating or discussing. When it falls with other cards it will tell you that situation will come out in the open and be talked about. The talk usually escalates into an argument.  Traditionally it suggests pain like a headache, toothache, backache.  Study the cards around it to determine if there is a health issue (tree).  This card is also the Jack of Clubs – a younger male found in the business world or active in sports.  When the Whip and Scythe are together the outcome is brutal – but over fast.

Thanks for taking the time for answering my questions.

I hope my answers are helpful.  Madame Seaqueen.

Take care,

Comment by Eva — June 17, 2009 @ 12:40 pm |

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