Sweetheart + Widow duo

In our example today I am displaying an older version of the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten which has 7 languages.

Sweetheart with Widow as crossing card

Sweetheart with Widow as crossing card

This layout is the simple two card draw.  Let’s suppose a female drew the cards.  The fact that the female significator card, SWEETHEART was the 1st card tells me that there will be some personal and pressing issues to address.  The female will probably need to spend some time alone (WIDOW) to do some soul searching about a matter which may have involved the loss of something or someone. She could be depressed or feeling out of sorts and not her usually cheery self.  She will be facing her demons head on.

This would be one way of interpreting this duo.  There are other meanings.

Another equally correct interpretation is that the WIDOW card can also represent a significant female who could involve the person in conversations about some problems.  There will be a sharing of feelings and a sharing of stories.  There could actually be a funeral involved.  At this point I would probably draw another card for clarification of the WIDOW card.

More often than not the sibilla style cards represent situations.  In some cases the card can identify a person.  In our example both delineations could be happening at the same time.  The WIDOW  might trigger some emotional responses which come from a conversation with another lady.

The female drawing this duo will know of the WIDOW’s circumstances before the selection of the cards.  This card is powerful and it’s influence is usually felt prior to the situation.  As a card reflecting one’s emotional state it suggests intensity and various degrees of self experience.

UPDATE: As an add on to this example (actually a real life situation), the female (SWEETHEART) received devastating news delivered by an older woman (supervisor & divorced) that her services are no longer needed at her place of employment.  Yes, the female will be doing some soul searching because she will need to secure another job.  One of the reasons this situation pains (WIDOW) her so much is that it feels like a death of sorts – an ending filled with grief.

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