– the process of fortune telling by interpreting a random selection of cards-

There has been an enormous increase in the number of people who practice Cartomancy.  It seems like many people are searching and seeking answers from a deck of cards.  

The only way to test the validity and accuracy of these meanings is by doing a reading, dating it, and then coming back to it to see if any part of your interpretation came true.  If you are serious about Cartomancy this step is necessary.  You need to keep an open mind in your findings and not be too hard on yourself if it looks like you are in left field, as is in 30-40 % of the time.

When you observe misjudgments make a note of why the interpretation did not make sense. Was it your blending process?  This part of doing a reading does not develop overnight because it takes time to test the cards and build a relationship with them.   You will learn through experience how to identify themes and which groups of cards have a higher accuracy rate.

It can be discouraging if you are new at Cartomancy to produce a reading which appears poorly delineated.  The future can only be predicted up to a point.  Cards predict the probability of manifestation which is based in the here and now energies.  If you are carrying excess baggage from other problems in the past into the current time, your most likely future results will continue to include this baggage to some degree.

When you make changes in your attitude or approach during the process of trying to solve a problem by doing a reading you can induce different energies to produce a different result within certain guidelines.

If you get a very negative immediate future study the meanings from the cards which represent the situation. Perhaps you are caught up in a cycle of emotional patterns.  Maybe deep inside you don’t want a good outcome because you are so used to failures and challenges that if something positive came along you wouldn’t know how to handle it.  This is called a self-defeating attitude which requires a more in depth analysis to modify.

It is believed we choose the cards on a subconscious level and the cards are to reflect that level of understanding. 

Your cards can be equated to as a mirror or reflection.  You receive messages from the cards through the associated meanings assigned. It is important not to be too rigid with theses meanings.  Allow yourself to find words or phrases which feel comfortable to you.  We all have learned through someone else’s template of the cards’ meanings.  Sure, this is a good starting point but it should not end there.  You will find as time goes on your cards speak to you in a language which is tailored for your comprehension.  Pause and listen.  Don’t force an interpretation if it takes too much effort.  It will come to you but you must continue to do readings and continue to gauge your accuracy.  

I don’t always get black and white here is the answer type of readings.  Sometimes I get bits and pieces.  I’d rather tell my client I don’t know how it fits in rather than make up a story for the sake of telling them something.  Then I move on.  I have been reading cards nearly 40 years (gasp), but I can tell you from my experience that when I ask my cards questions I get answers which send me off into further investigation.  The reading doesn’t stop with the cards. It continues by going within.  If I’m reading for someone else and I fold the cards (reading over) I like to sit with them for a bit because they usually want to address something they ‘just remembered’.  Sometimes the questions which follow the reading take longer to discuss than the actual card reading.

If I were to give anyone a piece of advice about Cartomancy it would be this: it’s best to avoid being spoon fed a limiting process and technique.  Step out of the box of structure and experience your own style at your own pace.


2 thoughts on “Cartomancy

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen,

    Have the Zigeuner cards have done the Reaction card layout. I am very lost my cards read like this;
    SITUATION – Enemy
    LEAVING – Death
    COMMING – Journey
    I cant understand what there trying to tell me, if you could shed some light that would be great.

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