Asking Druid Animal Oracle

One of the great characteristic of being born with Moon in Scorpio is the need to get to the bottom of things through relentless investigation.  If you have read my blogs post you will know I use different card systems to ask the same question.  I haven’t written much about the Druid Animal Oracle but I do use it quite often.

The Deck consists of 33 oversized cards which are not easy to shuffle even if you have large hands and the accompanying 176 page book.  There is a very nice divination cloth included as well.  I was very fortunate to have found this set at a second hand book store about 12 years ago as part of an estate sale.  Needless to say I was very excited at finding this treasure created by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm because at that time I was searching for non-Tarot related items.

I will be using the simple 3 card layout found in the back of the book called the Truine Spread.  I was not  sure what Truine meant other than getting the sense it was related to Truth so I did a google search and came up with it meaning a Trinity (3 in one).  I think this is an excellent name for the layout and more is explained in the book.

These cards are breathtaking and are displayed for their beauty as well as to ask the question, “will I find my lost ring”.  I am experimenting with this system to see what the Animal Medicine reveals.



The Druid Dhubh is telling me to be more aware of my question. It is a card of healing and discovering the responsibilities of both worlds.  The feeling I get around this card is there is a time and  place for everything.

If BLACKBIRD represents my question or the process of trying to locate the ring, it’s medicine revealing to go within and to pay attention to my dreams.  


The second card is to represent emotional responses connected to my question.  Oh, I like the meaning of this card. Torc can induce the warrior spirit which to me means, setting a goal and going after it.  There is a wild power to this card which suggests not giving up and to quite possibly look for the ring in places which would be totally unique.

If one where to go into the forest there is a good chance many critters would appear which are not a normal viewing of the daily life.  

To me, BOAR’s medicine is to look in the areas which are not common.


The last card should be answering my question.  Interesting.  Salmon return to their birthplace to mate.  

Bradan’s medicine suggests to be open without my ego getting in the way.  It’s about going back to the beginning, the origin of my initial steps regarding the lost ring.  As I said before my recollection is having the ring in my hand and placing somewhere within a room.  I see myself reaching.  This does not mean it would still be in the spot where I know subconsciously it is.  The reason I say this is because at that time there were other people in the household which could have moved the item, but not known their was a ring in the item/container/bag.

In the image the salmon is reaching for the hazelnut while jumping out of the sacred pool (water).  Hazelnuts are usually kept in a kitchen or near baking items.  

I don’t see a direct answer in this card with the exception that I need to re-trace my footsteps with a new intention. From my subconscious jumps a clue which will lead me back to the source.

BOAR and SALMON are offering two types of medicine which are not in unity.  BOAR is about the warrior within and SALMON is about the path of return.  I think that there needs to be a tempering of my need and the result will be one of the obvious.

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