Gipsy Cards confirm dream of death

I was inspired to pull out my Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck (GIPSY Cards) after recalled a dream I had last night which disturbed me.  I think this deck is one of the most challenging to learn because it tests your interpretation skills to the limit.  It take a lot of time to master these cards and reading the full board takes years and years of practice.  People shy away from systems which are too complicated.  One great thing about the GIPSY cards is that they contribute to the development of true Cartomancy whether you are psychic or not.  I don’t think this deck was intended for depth reading, it’s suited more for fortune-telling.  You can assign spiritual levels to each card as some European Readers did but consistency is important.

In my dream, I became aware there was a death of something or someone.  As the dream progressed it became evident it was a person.  My main theme of this dream was that I was not connected by anyone to inform me.  I pointed out all the ways I could be reached.  I remember saying I had a work number with a direct extension which could have been used.  I was quite upset in my dream because I did not get the news during or prior to this death.

The image below is half of the full board reading I did for myself.  I don’t think what lies in my past is relevant for the purpose of seeking guidance from the cards which fall in the current column (SWEETHEART with the X) and the immediate/intermediate future influences.

I was surprised to see DEATH as the last card in the top row where the SWEETHEART (representing me) lies.  On the other hand I expected something to show up in relation to the dream as this is what was on my mind at the time of the shuffle.


NOW column:  There is an X on this card so that you can easily locate it.  In the column lies MARRIAGE, FORTUNE and ECCLESIASTIC.

What is approaching over the next several days or week.  I can understand the significance of the MARRIAGE card to represent some sort of agreement or commitment.  No, I am not getting married soon 🙂 but I could hear about someone’s wedding plans because the ECCLESIASTIC is nearby.  The FORTUNE card shows this news as being favorable and I would be quite happy about the announcement.

In all honesty, the news of a marriage doesn’t make sense yet because I am not aware of anyone who is even considering this type of union.  Of course, the cards know more than I do on a conscious level.

I am in the midst of some negotiations involving a business venture and I can’t seem to fit the ECCLESIASTIC into that theme.  It might come to me as I study the reading a bit further.

IMMEDIATE Column– this column is beside the SWEETHEART (card with X).  I have named it such because it’s not distant future or past.  The cards contained here are, LETTER, JEALOUSY, MERRIMENT and MESSAGE.

Communication is coming, either in written form (emails, letters, etc) which will contribute to further messages (MESSAGE) being delivered.  The JEALOUSY card reveals a situation which will involve a person on the side line, someone who perhaps is opposed to the announcement of this news.

NEAR FUTURE Column – the last and final column holds the following cards starting at the top with DEATH, THIEF, OFFICER and BABY.

Note, when reading the columns you must not be too rigid in interpretation because when you read the rows a completely different theme could be revealed as is in this case.  It’s easier to read the rows as we read sentences  from left to right in a good portion of the world.  We are trained in this way that is why systems which go right to left or counter clockwise as an astrology chart  pose a minor challenge which is easily overcome.

Just looking at the DEATH card without blending the LETTER with it we know there is an ending.  We do not know much more as there a no more cards in that row but we do contributing cards in the remainder of the column.

The feeling I’m getting is that a transition is coming.  Transitions are not always bad, in fact, sometimes they are necessary so that you can move on.  I want to read DEATH and THIEF to mean actual news of a death because of my dream.  This was on my mind when I did the layout and this is what I want more clarification on.  I could have asked the TAROT but I wanted to experience the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten for a change.

UPDATE Oct 8, 2009:  this interpretation ended up manifesting in the death of a former in-law

The THIEF card is obvious and suggests loss. The OFFICER would represent an official or legal matter. It could be a policeman or someone who is in a position of authority.  As I glance at the row preceding the OFFICER  the two cards, FORTUNE and MERRIMENT give me no reason to think a misfortune would occur.

UPDATE October 8, 2009:  the news of the death made the local newspaper as the male went missing while fishing.  He drowned.

BABY falling as the last card in the last column and row could offer some hope as a new direction beginning. BABY also represents responsibilities or being responsible for some aspect of a situation or person.

BABY can also represent children.  The cards preceding BABY show all positive energy.  Could there be a youth involved in this news?

UPDATE October 8, 2009:  there were children involved, 3 of them who created a fantastic slide show of their father.

LETTER and DEATH – my feeling on this duo is that I will be notified of the death/ending of a situation or person even a lifestyle direction.  This situation would involve some unfairness (THIEF).  Death is viewed as unfair in many cases by those who are left behind.  There could be a failure of plans.

UPDATE October 8, 2009:    Yes on all counts.

The majority of the cards are excellent.  I hope I don’t hear about a death.  😦

UPDATE October 8, 2009:   I heard of a tragic  passing on September 10

5 thoughts on “Gipsy Cards confirm dream of death

  1. Protected: -36 Zigeuner-Gipsy Cards meanings

    hi. i have a deck of these cards that i bought at a local supermarket some years back. (i forgot the details of such purchase, and i have no idea of what they were doing there)
    i googled their meaning and i found 2 results that can help me: the creator’s website (piatnik and others where i need to buy the card again, and i dont need that) and your blog. but the post is password protected.
    i read a post of your that you’ll be posting the meanings to all of the cards (ok i found some of them) but if the post is ready to use could i have the pass, please?

    i need to tell you that i have been using only this deck as it’s the only one i have and the results are so good/real/true it’s amazing. if you have any question, i’ll do my best to answer.

    you have a great blog for tarot readings, keep up the good nice job 🙂

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for your great comment.
    Sorry for any inconvenience but the meanings of all 36 Ziguener are password protected on a temporary basis as some of the content is being used on another website which is under construction. When this other website is functional I will make an announcement in sidebar near the top. Please keep checking back. Thank you for reading the Ask my Cards blog. Madame Seaqueen.

  3. I also would like to know the meanings and combinations of the 36 Ziguener cards.
    Is there a book explaining the the positions and combinations of the cards, and if there is where can I purchase it from.

    And yes you are doing such a magnifisent job with the tarot cards

    Thank you. Goldiegoddess

  4. hi…thank you for explaining. 🙂
    i found some explanations for them on a german site, i copy and paste those into my blog, and then translate with an online translator, although you may already know the site. but feel free to use the info since its rare.

    i also read on a forum to keep a hand-written journal with the readings: questions, layout, cards we got, problem at the moment and like this we can ‘feel’ the cards better and the meaning.

    anyhow, cant wait for the news 🙂 you’re great help

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