Asking the Symbolon’s advice

I decided to do a different type of reading regarding the lost ring.  Of course, I will use a deck of cards and I thought it would be quite interesting to see what the SYMBOLON oracle has to reveal.

In the image are the 3 cards selected, with the cards and positions labelled for easier understanding.  I have had some startling readings with this deck as I’m sure you have if you own this deck.



As you may know the cards do not have names on them but you can locate the cards in the back of the LWB by carefully studying them as they are not that easy to identify. Once you find your card there is a page number you can look up for the meanings and explanations of what the cards mean in the designated positions.

I will do a traditional reading but add my own insights which I get from the images or my Inner Voice.

The Question:  why do I have the need to find the lost ring?

CARD 1 – GRAIL.  This card is supposed to reveal the problem.

Well isn’t that a slap in the face.  The advice of this card is that I am asking the wrong question :).   The Grail tells me I will run around in circles trying to figure out why I have a need to find this lost ring.  Or does it mean running around in circles looking for it?  Interesting, eh.  

Nothing like putting myself on the line by sharing this reading, however,  this blog is about learning.  I am suppose to ask a question which does not revolve around me.  As an afterthought, I could have asked, ‘what is the significance of finding the lost ring?”  I will continue with the remaining two cards and see what the Oracle speaks.

My own gut feeling on this is that I place a high value on the ring.  I see the ring surrounding the grail in the image.  Within the circle lies a mystery.  On the bottom of the card are slight waves which is linked to an emotional attachment.

CARD 2 – VANITY FAIR.  Originally in the image I had another name for this card but corrected when I got to this part. That’s why the name looks muddled.  The second card should reveal steps in solving my question.  The way I see this is the card is suppose to give me clues how to achieve or gain my answer.

Am I suppose to give myself some distance from trying to find the lost ring or the reasons behind my need?  The booklet indicates neither highs or lows in this process -rather a mundane procedure.

When I study the image on the card I get a sense of inaction.  Also, I feel as though I might not have an overwhelming experience even if I do find the lost ring.  The people in the image look bored, even the dog.

CARD 3 – MARIONETTE.  I can just image what this card means before I even look it up.      :)

The last card is to reveal the outcome, the result, the answer to the question posed.   It seems to me I got this card last year when I asked about relocation…& I did not relocate, yet.  (emotional strings perhaps)

Well I suppose this card could be deemed a good outcome.  It means I will free myself of the need to find the lost ring.  The lost ring will no longer control me (emotionally).  Wow, I like that.  I didn’t realize it did but I have been obsessing about it for a long, long, time.  The LWB suggests being possessed by something material.

In my own analysis of the MARIONETTE card I  get the gut feeling that I don’t need to find the lost ring, which was not even my question.  The need will be lifted. If and when I find the ring I will have removed any ‘strings’ attached to it, emotional strings that is.  And what if  I don’t like it anymore?        :)

Yesterday, I hunted high and low for the ring by using all the wonderful insights from the nice people who left comments.

For a split second, I remembered and began to head in another direction to where I was situated, only to forget before I got to where I was going.    The blockage is there for a reason.  I have a darn good memory – moon in scorpio.

Maybe I’m not to suppose to find the lost ring by actively looking for it as many commenters said. 

One thought on “Asking the Symbolon’s advice

  1. Before I read your interpretation, I just looked at the cards. I’m not familiar with the deck, so I don’t know what the suggested meanings are.

    What I see, is that you seek the ring because you have placed a very high value that it may not actually warrant. The way through the problem is to allow yourself to be distracted, and forget about it for now. Finding it may involve allowing yourself to be guided by something beyond your control or outside of yourself. So, I would advise you to forget it for now, find something fun to divert your attention and then see if you get any hunches from your subconscious, maybe from a dream. Or perhaps a spontaneous memory.

    Good luck in finding it. And if you don’t, you are probably right that you simply aren’t supposed to. At least not for now.


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