Psychic Experiment

I have been interested in remote viewing for many years.  I see a similarity in techniques when I do practice psychometry on an object or when I channel psychic information through other tools such as cards.

I misplaced a ring several years ago which is of great sentimental value to me. On numerous attempts I have meditated on it’s location and can see myself in the final stages of placing the ring in a location, however, I blank out after that, not quite seeing where the ring was placed.  My inner voice to sending me a message that I need to find this ring once and for all for a type of closure.

I wanted to do an experiment with some of the readers of this blog to ask assistance in the location of this ring.

I thought it would be interesting to involve people who are interested in the practice of remote viewing.  Listed below are a few steps to consider if you decide to participate.  I believe the ring’s location can be determined.

This exercise is not in controlled remote viewing as you will know what the target is but you will not know what it looks like by description.  The only thing you know is that the object is a ring, the target is round.  I don’t want to rule out any modes of channeling information and offer some suggestions below.

The Experiment:  Location of Ring

  • The mind must be cleared of all the ego chatter.  This step is the most important and the most challenging to achieve but it can be done if but for a few minutes.  The information which enters during one of these minutes should be written down immediately without judgement or questioning.

What you may receive is an image of what the ring looks like.  This step is not that important but the surrounding area where the ring is placed is of greater interest enabling me to re-trace my experience.

I am looking for a location such as a room, section of a room, another object the ring is touching or near.

  • When the ego comes in and doubts the information you receive, jot this down on one side of the page labelled Ego.  On the other side of the page, have the heading Psychic View.
  • Any and all emotions or sensations should be written down because this will help me to identify perhaps an area which I have an emotional link to.


You can use your favorite cards as a tool to gain access into the other realms where the information is stored to produce similar results.  The Lenormand cards would be fun to do with this experiment as there is a RING card.


You can write down the question, ‘where is Seaqueen’s misplaced ring?’ on a piece of paper.  Hold the small piece of paper  while meditating on the question  and opening up to the channeled data you will receive.  The first impressions  should be recorded.  Try not to force any information, just let it happen.


Pendulums are a great tool as well, however, in this case of psychic remote viewing it would be a good idea to draw a sketch or diagram of different rooms in a house.  There should be a doorway out of the house in case the ring was removed by someone.


If you can think of other methods to gain access to information which could provide some concrete clues that’s great.

I do not remember exactly what the ring looks like but I do know the circumstances around getting the ring.  I don’t think the description is vital because my subconscious mind will be sending you an image of it whether I consciously remember or not.

Thanks a lot if you decide to contribute to the psychic remote viewing experience.

14 thoughts on “Psychic Experiment

  1. Here is a reading on the ring:

    Issue: Chalice – Spirit
    How to solve this situation: Gnomes – progress will be slow

    Help coming in: Little fish – a little luck. Make small wishes
    You bring: Death – a desire for closure

    Cause of the issue: Victory – to bring closure and be victorious in finding the ring. The horse is now outside the ring taking the bow.
    Outcome: Capricorn – possible by the time of Cappy – in December / Jan.

    We know: Unicorn – we see the ring and the unicorn outside of the ring. There is great potential in finding it. There may have been a thoughtless action causing it’s disappearance.

    We didn’t know: Whip – there will be great mental effort as there may be emotional unhappiness or possibly physical difficulties.

    There is a suggestion that it may be on the outside: the Unicorn outside the fence/ring, fish outside in water, Victory horse outside the ring, Gnomes within the earth and Capricorn – the goat and fish outside reference.

    There is also great Spiritual energy surrounding the ring: Chalice, Gnomes, Victory Horse, Unicorn and Capricorn.

    With love and light,

  2. Dear Rev Foor,

    I am grateful for your reply. Thank you so much for taking the time to ask the Shustah cards and for your insightful interpretation.

    When I read you comment, I thought about the last time I held the ring and the Unicorn card may have some answers. I do remember putting in what I thought would be a safe place and it was a round container. Not too long after that I moved it out of the round container and placed it somewhere else- this is the part where I blank out.

    The Gnomes have made me think of the possibility of the ring being hidden amongst other treasures or collectibles.

    I will meditate on your reading and pull the actual cards from my own deck. Maybe I will be able to get past the blockage by studying the cards. Hopefully they can jump start my recollections to be more clear.

    Great fan of yours as always.


  3. Hi,

    I feel a tad silly doing this and I may be way off but… darkness, a drawer and a chair. Also velvet? A feeling of stuffiness, as in somewhere that has been closed up for a while with no fresh air. The drawer seems to be in a bureau next to the chair. The chair seems to be old fashioned…antique. Also the colour green.


  4. We did psychometry at our meditation this evening on your ring.

    Firstly, while I was reading your quest the other day, even before I had completed reading, I saw a ring in a drawer with folded clothes or fabric.

    Tonight this is what the group got:
    1st person: See the ring in a small pouch on the right side of a drawer. Not in bedroom, hallway or dining room. In drawer with linens.

    You may find it soon, but don’t seek it – let it happen.

    Further, if you were given this ring, there is a lesson with it’s loss. I feel that there is someone else involved with the ring. There is a purpose / importance with the connection.

    2nd person:
    See a closet, clothes, ring in pocket, blouse or pant. Also see a dresser drawer with folded clothes.

    3rd person:
    See a chair nearby – antique? Also see a lamp (lava lamp) or hourglass shaped. See a serpent (ring) on the floor – there is wisdom and powerful energy surrounding it.

  5. Hi Kat,
    Thank you so much for your comment. It seems several people have mentioned an antique chair, maybe there is something to this. I will let my intuition take me to the places you said and see what happens. I’ll post my findings.
    Madame Seaqueen

  6. Hi Rev Foor,

    Thanks kindly for sharing this quest with your group and please thank them for me for their efforts.
    I would like to give some feedback on what has been said so far.

    “1st person: See the ring in a small pouch on the right side of a drawer. Not in bedroom, hallway or dining room. In drawer with linens.

    You may find it soon, but don’t seek it – let it happen.”

    -the small pouch mentioned is correct and it was clear so the ring would be visible. I think there was something else in with it which could be obscuring the ring

    “Further, if you were given this ring, there is a lesson with it’s loss. I feel that there is someone else involved with the ring. There is a purpose / importance with the connection.”

    -yes on this statement. There was a loss connected to it. There seems to a resurfaced bond which occurred several years back although circumstances do not permit anything developing.

    “2nd person:
    See a closet, clothes, ring in pocket, blouse or pant. Also see a dresser drawer with folded clothes.”

    -this is probable and time will tell if it is located in such a place.

    “3rd person:
    See a chair nearby – antique? Also see a lamp (lava lamp) or hourglass shaped. See a serpent (ring) on the floor – there is wisdom and powerful energy surrounding it.”

    -oddly enough, another person mentioned an antique chair. There are several lamps which could fit this description. I have a fascination for serpent ring and that would have been my first choice instead of the ring involved.

    I’ll post my discoveries as I experience them. Thanks again.

  7. I felt drawn to look at your blog, I don’t know why but I did then I fell into this section, so I closed my eyes for a second and I got the impression of a box, a smallish box in some deep coloured wood, lots of papers cards notes etc. in it. Try there if you have such a box hidden away in a drawer somewhere – of course this could be way off – but I ask myself why was a drawn here.

    Hope you find it.

  8. I decided to throw cards on your question…

    The advice I received was: look to an older couple, they are likely spiritual or religious. The ring is near a broom closet – not in but near it. They may live near the sea. I am curious to know if the ring was set with pearls or coral? I believe you will locate it between now and October…

    I hope this is helpful in some way.

  9. Hi Madame Seaqueen,
    I pulled lenormand cards (french cartomancy) and then playing cards to see if I could get any insight.

    The Ring was the first card drawn! so I know I focused-
    I had the Rider+Mountain+Fox+Tree follow on. What came to my mind immediately was that it’s placed up high in a closet, or cabinet.
    The Rider made me think that you’d find it soon, or that it was connected to a young man’s closet or cubby.

    I just keep getting “look higher”……

    The tree card is probably going out too far on this, but the other thought I had was inside a medicine cabinet 🙂

    With the playing cards, I had the 9Spades – 2 Clubs – 9Hearts. There is upset around this because it was a gift, but again, with the 9Hearts finishing the fan, I believe you will find it.

    I’ll be very interested to hear where it is finally located!

    I know how aggravating not being able to locate something of value can be….sending good wishes your way,


  10. Hi SeaQueen

    I wish to participate. I drew a couple of draws. And it came up with the same cards, indicating that it is connected with a male, that you know. This man was one who was not feeling the best, he is one that likes to put things in writing, and is sensitive, he maybe creative in some form of poetry or writing or art, could this be a picture? He had a youthful and attractive face. But I feel that it lies with him, either physically, or it’s connected with a picture or letter from or of him.



  11. hello seaqueen…..i visualised a serpent type ring maybe because i needed insight ….it was with some shells….i hope you have found it …….blessings and peace

  12. I thought I’d share the thoughts that came to mind.
    I see a family room..
    there is a couch or a day bed in this’s near a window……the material of this couch is alittle course……..maybe having some green to the cloth…..

    I see a gold ring…..maybe a wedding band…..

    It is either in the couch or around it..

    This couch is near a window…..

    I hope this helps in some way…….

    Now I will read the other posts…..

    I didnt want to read them until I told you what I saw…..first..
    I didnt want to be influenced..

    I also see a man..thin with dark hair..

    in this house.

    Barbara aka Mistical

  13. On Oct 20 my cat named Georgia did not return home..
    She was so gentle and sweet…….never scratched or bit anyone..she was intelligent…..
    all gray…and so beautiful…..

    Where could she be?

    Any help is appreciated..

    Will I ever see her again?

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