Mystical Lenormand in block of 9

The block of 9 is an easy Layout to learn if you remember the following basics:

  • column 1- passing influence
  • column 2 (center)- current situation
  • column 3 – near future depending what time frame you assign

The cards are read by rows as well and 2 diagonal lines which form an ‘x’ from the Lady or Gentleman card in the center of Column 2 and Row 2.

You don’t have to use a significator if you’d rather just deal out 9 cards in the block.  Each card is woven to the one preceding and following it when the trios are read.

The card which falls in the spot which would have been the Lady of Gentleman will be of great significance and the reading will revolve around it to some degree.

In the image below I used LADY to represent a female who is confused about her life direction and is in desperate need of some practical goals to work towards.

Block of 9 Layout

Block of 9 Layout

2 thoughts on “Mystical Lenormand in block of 9

  1. Hello,

    I have been using Titanias Fortune Telling Cards to do a reading for myself. I used the 9 card block spread without using a significator card. I have not got the Lenormand cards.
    I was hoping for some help interpreting the spread?? The question i asked was “What can i expect in my love life for the rest of 2012, and these are the cards that followed.

    Heart Cross Mountain
    Clover Ship Coffin
    Anchor Tower Ring

    Any help in sheding light on this reading, would be very much appreciated 🙂

    Thank you

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