Asking the Mythic Tarot

I have been hearing more and more stories about the endless worry regarding work situations. It is a time of uncertainty for many people who once thought their jobs were secure only to find out their company is downsizing, laying off or completely eliminating positions in the workplace.

I had a question tonight about the future of a female’s role in a very large organization. No matter how large or small the company is,  no one seems to escape the decisions made by employers these days. Many individuals have thought about self employment in areas – they almost have not choice but to consider such an option.

In the reading below, I am using the Mythic Tarot from 1986 (Juliet Sharman-Burke). The cards are used to illustrate  the probabilities of the question posed and for their unique artwork. Sometimes when we use a different deck we can invoke different psychic interpretations.  I am using the traditional Celtic Cross with a few other words for the positions but essentially they are the same.

FEMALE PJ asked the following question  “what is the advice of the Tarot around my job”?

The Mythic Tarot

The Mythic Tarot

I won’t get into too much detail about the 10 positions but enough to offer some simple suggested meanings.  Also, there is some great mythological background to this deck which I will skim over for the purpose of keeping this reading straight and simple. I do want to mention there are 2 MAJOR ARCANA.  Two very important powerful cards. Seeing them I already know there is much power at the disposal of PJ whether she realizes it or not.   The HIGH PRIESTESS & the MAGICIAN.  More on them when their positions come up.

1. CURRENT SITUATION:  what is on PJ’s mind at the time of shuffle.

7 CUPS: No surprise here.  Lots on her mind and we can see the energy is scattered.  Despite all that a decision will have to be made to channel this energy in one direction. Without even getting into the Reading we can safely say PJ is thinking about all the things that could happen and all the things that won’t happen.

2. CROSSING: depicts the type of Energy which surrounds the question.

10 WANDS: this cards does suggest hard work is ahead of PJ.  This could mean she won’t have to worry about not having a job. She may have way too much to do. The rest of the reading will unfold more information.  She must remember to maintain her physical, intellectual and emotional limits over the next 3-4 months for sure.

3.  REASON FOR QUESTION: why do we ask questions?  To ask a question about one’s job suggests some fears associated with the question, like, possibly losing that job.  Often people are thinking of changing  jobs and need advice if things will work out.

HIGH PRIESTESS: it’s a gut feeling propelling  PJ to ask this question.  She is sensing some changes and the fact that 7 CUPS was the first card confirms her job is on her mind, or at least one of the more major things weighing down on her.  The HIGH PRIESTESS suggests PJ needs more than just the security of the job, she needs to be the recipient of the Priestess’ teachings. Money doesn’t always quench your thirst or satisfy the hunger in your soul

4. PAST: this position is still activate but not as prominent.  It it on the verge of a transition which will end up being the COMING card (right of center).

3 CUPS: the way I want to read this great little card is that her peace of mind will change.  This card talks about little worry associated with anything.  This state is in the process of leaving. It’s tough to see serene periods in one’s life ending.

6. COMING: I place a time frame of 6-8 weeks for this spot.  You can pre-determine your positions before the shuffle but it is best not to change them too often when reading for others.  I see this as an experience PJ will be stepping into.

8 WANDS: who could complain about this cards. It is filled with the promise of goals being within reach with regards to her job. I don’t know all the details of her question & I don’t need to know to do the reading. My hunch is she is asking a very specific question.  Here is a perfect example of what happens to the  7 CUPS theme when a ‘direction’ is pursued.  In all likelihood, PJ will receive some news from the King of Cups (THEM Spot).  At this point I want to mention that not all that appears to be grand is grand.  I am only saying this because the 9 WANDS is looming up above.

5. FUTURE: I’m calling this spot future.  The card’s energy might be experienced and it might not be.  It all depends on what PJ does during the 8 WANDS period of time.  Let’s suppose she choses a direction that she is not fully aware of.  Remember to always factor the CROSSING CARD.  The 10 of WANDS is indicating she will bite off more than she can chew, so to speak.

9 WANDS: looking at this card and scanning over the rest of the reading I notice there are 3 – 8 cards in the layout.  This is good energy, balanced with an inner strength.  PJ has got some real stamina akin to the STRENGTH Major Arcana.  Also, the 9 WANDS belongs to the FIRE suit as do all the wands.  The energy of the FIRE suit is action in various degrees.  In this card, the suggestion is PJ will have enough ambition and resolve to attain certain goals. There is still some ‘fight’ in this gal.

7. ATTITUDE: here we will find out how PJ feels about her question.  A Major Arcana sitting here suggests there is more behind the scenes than meets the eye.

MAGICIAN: this is a very good card to have in this spot for it reveals PJ can do anything she wants and she has the power of the Universe to back her up.  All she has to do is focus on her goal related to her job. She can manifest whatever she concentrates on. It is important that PJ use the powerful energy of the MAGICIAN to be very clear about the direction she wishes to go in relation to her work question.  This card is telling her she can master whatever she needs to by tapping into the clear focus which is very different from the 7 CUPS.

8. THEM:  this spot rules the employer or another significant situation which would influence her question.

KING CUPS: this male is will be very helpful to PJ.  Is this her current boss?  Usually leaders of organizations are not cup kings, however, in this case a very compassionate man will be on her side. Since the KING CUPS oversees the emotional realm, it could also indicate an understanding male who would not harm PJ if at all possible.

9.  EMOTIONS: hopes and fear are degrees of emotions.  If you tap into the fear aspect of the card sitting here, you are afraid it will come true even if it is a positive cards.  Sometimes people cannot accept the blessing which happen in life and are so used to problems that it is hard to accept something good.  If you tap into the hope aspect of the card you are hoping a good card’s energy unfolds.  Many reader see this spot as a situation which is pending prior to the RESULT or OUTCOME.

8 SWORDS: PJ is hoping she doesn’t get into a situation or have to make a decision out of desperation or because she thinks she has no other choice. PJ is fearing entrapment involving her job. Taking the CROSSING CARD into consideration circumstances may arise where there is a ‘catch’ or a ‘string’ to any further developments on her job.  For example, we give you this and that but we take away this and that. Notice this is the first sword belonging to the Air element. This means most of the dilemma is in her mind.

10.  RESULT: and the final card which should sum everything up.  If PJ makes decisions in accordance to her and everyone else’s highest could she will experience the final card.  If card #10 is positive she must carefully study the steps towards getting there.  If the last card was negative, there is still time to make changes by following the advice of CARD 2 Crossing, CARD 6 Coming and CARD 7 Attitude. If the final card is a Major Arcana it is the Universe’s way of telling you that what is in the highest good of all is one of those Lessons of Karma (if you believe in it).

8 PENTACLES: first pentacle of the layout belonging to the earth element.  This is great.  It indicates the potential of growth, the opportunity to experience results and have something to show for it.  The last card is a card of working, learning, and studying.

In relation to her question, the Tarot is suggesting PJ will continue to work.  There could be some changes brought about which involve more responsibilities (10 WANDS crossing). She will be able to handle just about anything (9 WANDS future) (Magician attitude).  PJ will have connections with an important male KING CUPS who is connected to some work she will continue to do.

In the very near future (COMING) she will make up her mind about 1 specific area associated to her job.

One thought on “Asking the Mythic Tarot

  1. Hi!
    I am looking for the one of the first versions of the Mythic Tarot where the cards are not so thin as nowadays and they are larger.
    The first time I saw the Mythic Tarot was in Brazil around 1990. The cards then were larger than 3 inches by 5 inches and also thicker than how they make this deck today.
    I have not found here in the U.S. this deck larger how it used to be or thicker.
    I wonder if they only made them larger and thicker in Brazil.
    Can you please tell me if it is possible to find such deck larger than 3 inches by 5 inches and thicker?

    Thank you!

    Gina Luna

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