Lenormand Cards question from Comments section

Question from Klem in the comments section:


I have a question regarding to this card.I did a spread asking “Is X the right partner for me?”.I decided to choose only 3 cards,no representative card and I had this combination:

Man+ Ring+ Scythe

While I was suffling the cards The Key jumped out.

The Key represents wishes fulfilled,success,solution that is in the querent’s hand.

The Ring is the dominant card in this spread and represents relationship,commitment even marriage.

Man+ Ring= a man is involved in a relationship or a commitment.As I know this man isn’t married so I take this combination as being the relationship.

Ring + Scythe- a connection or relationship happens unexpected.A surprising contract/marriage.

I wonder if I interpreted correctly this spread.

Thank you very much

Answer from Madame Seaqueen:

Man + Ring + Scythe

In answering a very important question such as, “Is X the right partner for me?” using a 3 card Lenormand  layout may not  be sufficient to gain all the details around formulating the answer.

With the SCYTHE card falling last the answer is not promising.  This card almost always depicts endings or abrupt conclusions to any situation.

When taken with the information you provided, yes, MAN + RING does strongly suggest a commitment of sorts, however it is not long lasting. I think the fact that the KEY card fell out it indicates the answer is not as simple as it appears.  We can safely assume there will be news of a break up surrounding this MAN in the future months.  Also, the KEY will bring news to you which will help you to re-evaluate any thoughts of this MAN being the right partner for you.

Listen to what is being said about this MAN & you will almost certainly find out what your chances  for a relationship.  I would suggest using a  Layout with more cards to gain extra information.

“Is X the right partner for me?”

The cards do not answer this question directly, however, they do not rule out the possibility of future connections with the MAN, perhaps on a more friendly level at first. The KEY card is revealing that not all is known about the “rightness” of this male.

You may find out he is not so right, after all.

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