Tarot around the wheel

June 11 Astrology Wheel Reading

Female considering a Career Change

by Roberto De Angelis

Universal Tarot by Roberto De Angelis. Beautifully illustrated deck used for the purpose of demonstrating the Astrology Wheel layout.

When analyzing the astrology layout  the question should be kept in mind.  The cards need to be read according to the house positions.  I have included a brief guide on some of the associated meanings.

This layout will reveal great details surrounding the female’s life.  In order to keep this post relatively short I will interpret the cards in relation to the possibility of a career change.

In the 1st house is shown, what will be significant around you now . The cards show how things will affect you. This spot reveals what will be of great concern to you. Generally speaking, your state of mind and body. As with all influences, they pass when there is an understanding or emotional closure.

2 OF SWORDS- . We can see immediately the female is being torn between some choices she is already aware of or about to get involved in.  She is not sure what to do.  Thoughts and ideas weigh her down to the point of indecision. Within this card  we see an intellectual struggle as swords rule the mind.

HOUSE 2– The 2nd house explains your financial situation and/or the things you value. The cards situated here will predict influences around increase as well as decrease. Strong positive cards here usually indicate the next year will be without money problems. If negative cards appear, look for clues on how to prevent potential problems. The answer will be within the negative card.

EMPEROR– . This major arcana is suggests the female will master her finances.  This means she will use her organizational skills to overcome any future changes.  She will also be a tough negotiator when it comes to committing to any situation which will affect her flow of income.

HOUSE 3– The 3rd house gives information about the relatives, short distance travel and communications of all type. It is the message house.

4 PENTACLES- . Here we see that her focus is on money.  Of course, any career change will involve making money. She is holding on to some ideas but not willing to invest any effort in manifesting some of the changes needed to make a transition.  Any travel that she may do in the pursuit of researching her options  will have to have a monetary value attached to it or she won’t do it.

HOUSE 4–  The 4th house shows the happenings in and around the home front. The cards reveal your private life. This is the family spot. Often the cards speak of parental issues.

SUN- .  Often I like to read the Sun card to represent a father or male authority figure.  Since this spot rule family and where she lives I think she will not consider moving to another city over the next year.  This major arcana is filled with the promise of success.  It is possible she will start her own business and work from home.

HOUSE 5- In this 5th house spot the cards reveal creativity, hobbies, children, risks and what how we have a good time.

7 SWORDS- . This female will takes several risks here and there to attempt a career change.  I don’t see immediate success.  In fact, she will find out that someone could beat her to the punch as they say.  It’s important she does not reveal too much about what she is thinking because the support she will need may not be forthcoming. Within this card is also the suggestion that she is unable to have a lighthearted attitude and is much too serious.

HOUSE 6– Typically the 6th house the rules everyday type of work and people connected to a job. If there was a health condition it would show up here but only if it was short term.

9 PENTACLES-.  This house is connected to the work which is necessary to get a career off the ground.  The pentacles card is one of the better ones to get in this spot.  It also shows she will learn her lesson in some matter and rely mainly on herself to have enough money to afford her the lifestyle she wants. On an everyday basis in a work environment there is a warning to be careful and not trust those around her completely.

HOUSE 7- The 7th house is concerned with all kinds of partnerships. Any commitments, contracts or binding relationships will show up here. Legal activity can be exposed.

ACE OF WANDS-.  The Ace is a season card and it rules spring.  This is telling me it could take up until the spring of 2010 for her to meet up with the right people to help her in her career change.  There will be a new partnership or a new business.  It looks like the career change could actually be a reality once she gets through the 2 OF SWORDS influence she faces right now.  Yes, she will make a major decision.


HOUSE 8- The 8th house points out what needs to be controlled or mastered. Traditionally, it is the house of death, inheritance. What you get from others falls into this spot.

4 OF SWORDS- . What needs to be controlled is her health.  She needs to change her lifestyle.  This card is about healing but it is about nursing our intellectual pain.  Sometimes ideas need to be put to rest as well.  Overthinking any situation can deplete one’s energy.  The female will eventually generate more income but it will be slow to start.

HOUSE 9- The cards in the 9th house involves everything around travel or expanded learning.

HANGED MAN- .  It’s time to look at everything differently.  There is no point to suspended happiness anymore. She has been hanging upside down way too long.  Falling in this house which rules belief systems, the female must change her ways and stop preventing herself from further experiences.  She does not know as much as she thinks. It time to expand her horizons.

HOUSE 10- I use the 10th house to indicate 6-12 months from now. It can describe the further developments in one’s career objectives. The reputation or public standing is shown here.

LOVERS-.  A tough decision will face this female which requires a great responsibility.  Within this card I see that some of her answers will come when she begins to open herself up to the abundance of the Universe.  She will attract to herself people who will help her be more decisive.  She will receive many blessing by the end of this year.

HOUSE 11– The friendship 11th house shows the relationships outside of the immediate comfort zone. Situations pertaining to community, organizations or groups can be shown here.

PAGE OF CUPS- .  Here we have a perfect example of which area she needs to work on.  The page is much like an ace.  The beginning stages in the ladder to being a king.  The female is not very experienced in community work and should really try to participate in areas which are new to her.  This card also promises emotional satisfaction even if it is only baby steps at the beginning.

HOUSE 12 – The Unknown. 
The 12th house can reveal months/years into the past. Incomplete or unsolved issue may appear here. Situations that are delayed or kept hidden are a part of the 12 house experience. The subconscious.

Female’s Zodiac sign – Pisces

2 OF PENTACLES- .  House 12 is Pisces. This is an important house to really study because it is the birthday house. The placement of this pentacles shows that she will have 2 jobs or 2 sources of income.  The female will rediscover a way to generate income which will be part of her career change. She knows how to do this already.  She just needs to listen to her subconscious as it gives her clues all the time.

HOUSE 13- The card(s) in the middle are similar to the crossing card of the Celtic cross. They will offer the pros or cons of influence. Keep these in mind when you get stumped on an outcome of a particular house. Clues lie within the cards laid in the center. They are not always obvious.

10 OF PENTACLES–  What a wonderful card to have as the layout crossing card.  I do think this female will change careers but gradually.  She will manifest enough abundance to provide her with financial security.  The female could work from her home or have an office in someone else’s home.  This career change will not be working for an organization or other company.

5 thoughts on “Tarot around the wheel

  1. What a great example of the horoscope spread! Thank You Madame Seaqueen for sharing it. Funny enough, I was thinking of this spread the other day, and incorporating it more into my practice.
    This spread is very good with a variety of card systems, and is worth knowing well 🙂

    Thanks again,

  2. Thanks for your feedback Spiritsong. I really like using this layout because I can use my astrological training coupled with cartomancy and provide quite a lot of information. The post was brief in interpretation.

    I have used many of the oracle decks, like the Art Deco fortune telling cards in this layout which was post several years ago.

    Take care.
    Madame Seaqueen

  3. Wonderful post, Madame Seaqueen! Very helpful for those of us who do Astrology as well as Tarot. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. Love, Soulscape

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