Full board Lenormand tutorial (GT)

The full board Lenormand tutorial reading takes a long time to master.  In the image I have numbered the rows and columns for easier referencing.  The reading will be done with simple interpretations of the cards.  This does not mean the combinations could not suggest other possibilities other than the ones I am detailing.


French Cartomancy Deck

French Cartomancy Deck

Locate the Lady card in row 2, column 2.  Reading for a female.  May 24/09.

column 2 & 3



This female is thinking about something which is not very clear at the moment.  She seems to be processing some information from the recent past  which may have tainted  CLOUDS her perception. The BOOK faces to the right which indicates more will be revealed soon and it is about a family matter LILY.

On the day of the reading or within a day or so, the female  is actually thinking of being with a loved one HEARTS who is at a distance SHIP.  She will get news of a decision involving travel. She could also take a short trip locally.  The longer plans to travel will be within the next few months as the STARS follows PATH.

HEART + FISH also suggest a longing for something which is near and dear to the female.  

column 3 & 4



The lady is staring right at BEAR and this card’s influence will be felt within the next few days. BEAR can also describe her empowered personality as well.  There is an important money matter FISH + BEAR which she will experience which contributes to a decision she will be involved in.  Maybe she wants a relative SNAKE to go with her as well.

column 4 & 5



There will be some changes around a family member LILY which will be revealed within a “2” BIRDS.  These cards also mean an opportunity for some attention STARS involving a situation of a public nature BIRDS.   In fact news is coming RIDER in relation to this.

A project STARS will run into some problems COFFIN due to the loss MOUSE of job security ANCHOR, however, I do not see this as long term.  There is the potential of growth TREE.

When reading columns and rows don’t forget to read diagonally from the card which you want more information on.  I took the STARS card and read COFFIN, MOUSE, ANCHOR to get additional data.

To be continued


2 thoughts on “Full board Lenormand tutorial (GT)

  1. Hi Lorielle,
    Thanks for your comment. The next post will be the continuation of the full board using the Lenormand cards. I am dividing up the interpretation to make the posts a little shorter and hopefully easier to follow.
    Madame Seaqueen

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