Old Gypsy Fortune Telling cards layout

I had a question in the comments section from JEWEL about the laying of the Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards.

They are done pretty much the same as the traditional Lenormand & Sibilla style decks.

When using 36 cards you lay them out in one of these full board  layouts.

  1. 9 cards across, 4 rows.  Locate the card representing the male or female getting the reading done.  Read from that point. All cards to the left are past and all cards to the right are future.  See some of the other posts for more detailed information.
  2. 8 cards across, 4 rows, 4 cards in 5th row centered.  Do the same as above.  The 4 cards in the 5th row are to be read first because it will reveal a situation about a circumstance or person which is going on in the current time.  These cards will add more information to the cards above and below the significator.
  3. 8 cards across, 4 rows, 2 cards above first row centered and 2 cards beneath last row centered.  Much like method #2. Again these are read in a similar fashion.  The difference is all card located further away from the male/female significator cards are future and all cards in close proximity are events happening currently or very near future.  The 2 top and 2 bottom cards are read the same way in accordance with the positioning of the significator card.  Many readers do not read all 36 cards in this method because it is not known how far into the future the cards predict – it could be years.

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