another reading for Case Study- Veronica

One of the more regular readings that appear in the Ask my Cards blog involves Veronica. Often when you do readings you may never get any feedback from the person but not in her case.

I will be illustrating how to interpret 6 cards using a layout found  on page 120 in Lady Lorelei’s book, “Tarot Life Planner”.  I really like this book because she includes many layouts in the back of the book which can apply to different aspects going on in your life. You can design your own layout quite easily if  you wish.  

This particular layout is perfect to do on Veronica because she is experiencing many doubts right now with the way the economy is and her inability to secure steady employment.

The image below does not depict any images of cards just the names.  When you do this layout remove the Magician card before you shuffle. The reason for this is because the Magician card represents manifestation and offers all the tools you need. 

1Lady Lorelei


The 3 cards below show 3 different areas or ways Veronica needs more personal power.

KING OF CUPS – This King is comfortable with his feelings.  Veronica needs to tap into the power of this King and activate her emotions about things in her life.  She is experiencing a deadened approach right now.  She says she feels nothing and is having difficulty getting excited about things in general.  

TWO OF SWORDS – A card of nothing.  A stalemate and little movement of energy.  This card suggests lack of decision making and the lack of intellectual commitment.  The advice of this card is to take off the blindfold,  get out there and set some goals.  Veronica can only empower herself if she takes some risks and begins making some decisions (which she is not currently).  She is doing it to herself.

12 HANGED MAN – A great teacher card.  The Hanged Man indicates Veronica needs an attitude adjustment.  A little change in perspective  would be helpful.  This major arcana card is the only one in the reading besides the Magician and he is there to bring power to the remaining cards.  Like the old saying, “get off the cross I need the wood” comes to mind.  She can hang upside down forever if she wants but to gain more personal power Veronica needs to do something…anything.


The 3 cards in the bottom row reveal solutions and guidance she should consider to overcome the first 3 cards.

4  OF WANDS- A person can have plenty of balance in their life but it does not necessarily mean it is positive.  The 4 of wands clearly suggests Veronica needs to free herself of the emotional restrictions (King of Cups), needs to make decisions (2 of Swords) and needs to quit feeling sorry for herself (The Hanged Man) through self imposed suffering.

KNIGHT OF WANDS- Another wand.  We know wands are all about putting things into action.  The Knight of Wands is proclaiming the time has come to leave any situation which is holding Veronica back.  It’s time to saddle up and get passionate about life.  One of the solutions is to act now, not tomorrow or next week.

6 OF PENTACLES- How can Veronica obtain her personal power through the suggestions of this card?  She needs to concentrate on what she has already accomplished and give herself a little more credit.  It’s time Veronica shares her emotions (King of Cups), participates in goal setting (2 of Swords) and gives other people advice on why they shouldn’t just hang around and watch life go by. (The Hanged Man)


By following the advice of the Tarot cards – ABSOLUTELY.  

2 Wands, 1 Pentacle- Time to jump into action & experience the personal power

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