19 Buffalo speak to All

I thought I would use the Medicine cards to do a 1 card draw.  The deck I am using is the expanded version witch contains 40 cards plus 9 blank cards.  These cards are very long and shuffling was done by mixing them up face down on the table and randomly picking one.  My thoughts were on the selection of card which will benefit all those who are reading this post.

Today’s Medicine

The card is shown to illustrate today’s post by  thanking Jamie Sams & David Carson for the great concept.

#19 Buffalo

#19 Buffalo

The Buffalo medicine is reminding us that our prayers are heard and there is a promise of fulfillment.  So far so good.  

Buffalo also teaches to respect other people’s paths.  The path of some people involves hurting others. When you are a ‘sensitive’ it is quite easy to absorb other people’s energy into your aura which in turn weighs you down and contributes to you being tired.

Protecting yourself must become a part of your every day regime like combing your hair. Unfortunately psychic people forget to cast a circle around themselves and often end up carrying baggage of others.  

Buffalo also suggests to ask the Divine to help or assist.  Who better to stand beside you during battles involving other people’s fears and ego.  Often these battles go on without us realizing them.  They are invisible.  It is energy attacking energy.

If you ever find yourself in a situation when you feeling some sort of psychic attack send it back to it’s rightful owner.  In your mind tell them, thank you but NO thank you.  Send it back.  

The medicine of Buffalo is suggesting that we respect all forms of life and all types of energy which surrounds us.  The wisdom of Buffalo is knowing when to step out of the way …

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