Happy Empress Day

1970 Palladini Aquarian

1970 Palladini Aquarian

The EMPRESS card can represent your mom in a reading or someone who has taken on the role of ‘mothering’.  Many men are depicted by this card who have chosen to become house husbands/partners.  I have found that males with Cancerian birthdays or who have many planets in the astrological sign of Cancer especially the moon exemplify the EMPRESS card.

The EMPRESS can predict births of all kinds ranging from a child to a lovely garden.  This card is ruled by VENUS, the planet of love.  To mother means demonstrating aspects of caring.  

Whatever the situation, the EMPRESS brings  hope for a fulfilling outcome.  She is the combination of the MAGICIAN and HIGH PRIESTESS in that she has married the 2 personalities of those cards- a blending of energies.

As an outcome card in a reading the EMPRESS promises abundance and success.  She is telling you need  to cultivate the situation or person to reap the benefits of growth, progress which leads to positive results.

If you know someone who comes under the rulership of the EMPRESS card wish them a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.


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