A question for the Pages of Shustah

Tonight I got a telephone call from a client who is worried about the status of her employment. She  is concerned due to her  marginal sales during the present time.  The majority of her job consists of selling communication services.

I asked the Pages of Shustah© cards a question on behalf of my client.  She wants to know if her sales will pick up over the next 6 weeks.  I find this deck is usually very good in zeroing in on the energies surrounding the question which leads to a probable outcome.

I was pleased to see the 3rd card in the trio I selected because there is a promise of things getting better.

Will sales increase in 6 weeks?

Will sales increase in 6 weeks?

Card #1 – Red Closed Gate.  As a basis card revealing the nature of the question we find a negative influence or attitude.  This card clearly shows the client is thinking pessimistically and thinking the sales will not increase.  Could it be the client is blocking her own progress.  The gate is closed, however, there is space between the boards for easy removal one at a time.  A plan is necessary and it is of the utmost importance this challenge is overcome in the process before reaching the Stars card.

Card #2 – Black Aquarius.  Here we find an astrological sign depicting group or organizational situations with the promise of increase.  Aquarius is about changes as well and falling in the middle this means a shift needs to occur in attitude or approach towards selling.  New innovative ideas need to be implemented and this can be done with a little re-evaluation of techniques. Getting rid of what didn’t work in the past would be my advice to the client.

With Mercury going retrograde at the same time anything to do with communications could stagnate. On the more positive, Mercury retrograde can also mean revisiting some previous sales clients who may have said no in the past.

Card #3 – Blue Stars.  The results or outcome spanning over the 6 weeks show that focus is necessary with a clear objective to reap the benefits of this card.  Blue Starsfavor business dealings.  Everything will unfold according to God’s plan which may sound kind of corny but it’s true.  When situations are in keeping with the Universal laws of abundance all is well.  

So how does this help the client to know it’s in God’s plan? I think by having faith in herself she will come up with a way to increase the sales. As there are many stars in the image it means there will be several opportunities for the sales to increase.  The client must remain optimistic.

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