Psychic or common sense interpretations?

Psychic interpretations begin when you blend cards based on a “knowing” or “strong gut feeling”.  This is not to be mistaken for wishful or fantasy thinking.

Sometimes merging cards together is plain old common sense but often you can come up with a meaning which is born out of some aspect of the cards imagery.

In today’s example I will use a request from the comments section from Kali.  The cards involved are the Lenormand BOOK & LETTER.  Yes, we will look at potential combination  in both positions because the meanings  will be  different.  These two cards are really good example in understanding the flow of interpretation.  The style of Lenormand used is the French Cartomancy deck.  I tend to favor this deck because it reminds me very much of the original Rider in the subtle colors.  It all depends on you.  Your psychic information may flow with a deck which is more colorful with additional symbols on it.



CORE MEANINGS of BOOK & LETTER can be found HERE. If you click on the name of the card you will be taken to a more detailed post on the cards.

We know BOOK can hold secrets and unknown information.  We also know LETTER is the transmission of information.  With this combination it is safe to say you will learn of something you most likely had little knowledge of.  Sure,  this duo can indicate a test or exam under just about every category.

The open part of the book faces the envelope.  This means the answer or outcome will come.



Notice how the spine of the book faces the envelope.  The information will probably never be revealed or a decision will not be made within the duration of the reading.  It could take quite some time before you receive your answer or information.

Each Lenormand style is different in that BOOK could face the opposite direction or BOOK can be completely open.  The interpretation would be essentially the same as far as information being delayed or withheld whether BOOK is open or not.

What I have written is by no means a psychic interpretation.  It is just a good understanding of one aspect of card’s core meanings.  Analyzing these cards as stand alones is vital because just like the Tarot each card is a separate entity outside of the deck.


BOOK following any card will prevent further development unless there is a promising card which indicates general good news.  In this case BOOK can expose information.

LETTER following any card will tell you news is in the act of coming and you will have proof to back it up.

Of course there is so much more but the post would be too lengthy to give all the examples which can be derrived by these two cards. 

When the psychic element is added you will hear or know what is in the envelope and make the prediction. You may get the feeling the person will not be considered for a new role with their company.  You may sense that there is another person in the background who could be instrumental in breaking up a couple.  And so on …..

Much depends on the level of your psychic development as well.  Everyone is psychic to some degree.  It is recognizing that you are and using what you recognize that makes the differences.  Are you seeing your psychic impressions, hearing them, feeling them or all of the above in various situations?

5 thoughts on “Psychic or common sense interpretations?

  1. Greetings Luiza,

    Thanks (Danke) for your comment and kind words. Over the years I have forgotten much of the German I learned as a child growing up in Slovenia. I have added your blog (translated to English link) to my Card Lovers Community Directory.

    I noticed your Twitter page has protected updates.

    Yes I, too, would be greatly honored if you add me to your Linklist. Thank you for asking.

    Madame Seaqueen

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