Mystical Lenormand – Garden #20 +combinations

Mystical Lenormand -20 Garden

( some decks 8 spades)

The GARDEN card represents a successful outcome to any question.  Within this card you will find a protective influence.  Many readers of the Lenormand associate the GARDEN with meetings, gatherings and celebrations.

GARDEN offers an openness to any situation.  It can signify a public place which could be in an artistic venue.  Usually there are no real surprises connected to this card unless there are cards of surprise nearby like the SCYTHE, BOOK or WHIP.

This card works best in combination.  Although it’s core meaning is more pleasant than disruptive other stronger cards will give you additional information over and above the initial meanings.   Creativity is one of the attributes of the GARDEN card and can hint at projects which involve an artistic flavor.  There are many possibilities.  Someone could be in the ‘spotlight’.  A circle of friends and acquaintances  is strongly indicated as well.

Listed below are some combination to consider.

+FOX= a rise in your career status, promotion, getting that pat on your back you deserve, a conference/workshop.

+ANCHOR= rejection of promotion, denial of job re-evaluation, someone else gets the credit you deserve, mandatory attendance at a job related meeting, security is promised with little change.

+BOOK= traditional combo meaning is success in publications, receiving appreciation for your writing input, an award, winning a contest.

+COFFIN= best to keep your intentions to yourself, resist getting involved in a public function, visiting someone in a cemetery (funeral), your ideas for expansion are turned down

+SCYTHE= last minute cancellation of a party type situation, going to an event under pressure or force, slander and gossip.

+SUN=  social empowerment, travel connected to promotion of new business, you win the prize.

+LETTER= an apology letter, your efforts have been documented, your job evaluation leads to financial improvement.

+TREE= excellent family support and relationships, possibly a hospital, improvement in health

+MOUNTAIN= don’t even think about it- you are not invited nor welcome, going for the sake of putting in an appearance will be to your detriment-stay away.

The cards that could follow these duo combinations may alter some of the meanings and I think when you are learning combination it is best to use less than 15-20 cards in a layout.   


2 thoughts on “Mystical Lenormand – Garden #20 +combinations

  1. Hello 🙂

    I hope you can shed a little light on this, if not it’s totally fine :).

    I asked where I have met (or will meet) my future husband and got the following..


    I was hoping to see a combination of Garden+Paths it seems to be telling me the same message? They are both about outdoors and public events. The “future husband” seems to be a friend, or I met him through a friend. Either way, just curious about Garden+Paths. Tou don’t have to answer. Thanks in advance if you do!

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