Senior’s reading continued

In continuation of the last post which involves an elderly lady I have uploaded an image from the Hanson-Roberts deck to illustrate this post.  My deck is from the original printing.  The card stock is thick and has lasted many shuffles.  I had a habit of writing 1 or 2 keywords on some of my decks.

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Card 1- current situation.  This spot tells me what frame of mind or heart the person is in at the time of the shuffle. When I saw this card I had an unsettled feeling.  Lady E. gave no indication she was enduring any type of emotional disappointment or betrayal of trust.  She was happy or so it seems.  

I asked her if anything happened just recently which could be weighing down on her and she said no.  When I turned the next card over I almost did not want to continue with the reading.

In all my many years of practical experience the 3 of swords has always pointed to some sort of challenge.  The pain associated with this card is more intellectual as depicted by the swords.  I think that much of our pain is from an intellectual level because we feel what we think.

The only time it becomes a physical pain is if we get ill through some situation and more often than not, it usually stems from some thinking process.  The only other thing I can think of in Lady E’s case is that she has not recognized or come to any understanding of the representation of this card.

Card 2 – crossing influences.  This card reveals challenges or opportunities surrounding the person.  We all know the Death card does not necessarily mean a physical passing over but as I have said in other posts- sometimes it is a death.

The way I want to read the Death card in this reading is that there will be a stop to any kind of discomfort she is feeling whether she admits it or not.  Within the time frame of this reading she will experience a profound change which will end any emotional pain.

Card 10- the outcome.  The final card was the 10 of swords.  Ok so which is worse, the Death card or this one? Something is very wrong.  

Whatever changes are facing Lady E. they will not be in her favor.  Is it a change of residence?  A new way of thinking? A health problem?  

10 of swords clearly says, there will be no more progress in the direction of this change.  I wondered for a moment if she was going to die?  I don’t like to think about that when I read for someone & I don’t know about you, but I would rather not see any cards which lead to that kind of analysis.

Would the Tarot  reveal her demise?  

6 thoughts on “Senior’s reading continued

  1. Ouch!!! I physically cringed when I saw those cards. I have to say that if this isn’t actually your friend, then my feeling with these cards would be that someone she is extremely close to has passed away or may be terminally ill. Thankfully not a position I’ve found myself in so far. Hard to find anything positive in these, unless she’s been heartbroken by loss, and that although it’s the worst thing that could have happened, it’s over & done with now. Very interested to see how this draw panned out, and hopefully your friend E is ok
    x Mouse

  2. Hi there,
    Love your blog!
    I’m wondering, would you read the cards in the same way if the querent was younger? If yes, then why?


  3. Hi Mouse,
    Thanks for your comment. I wondered about the state of mind Lady E. was in at the time of shuffle. I did question her and she denied everything which the 3 of swords could have stood for.
    I hope she will be OK and that these cards merely reflected perhaps what a woman approaching 70 might be feeling on a subconscious level.
    Madame Seaqueen

  4. Hello Sravana,
    Thank you for your question. If a person was younger and they drew these 3 cards in the designated spots I would read them in a similar fashion but quite honestly, death, would not entire my mind. Depending on the other cards in the Celtic cross layout more contributing information can be ascertained. In Lady E.’s reading there were no relevant other cards.
    For a younger person, one usually does not think of death, but with the aging it seems to be expected. Maybe this is not a good way to look at it but in our society “old” equates to “illness and death”.
    It is a hard reality … Madame Seaqueen.

  5. I love the art deco and have followed all you wrote. thank God you did because there is not much out there on this deck. much appreciated and hope to see more.
    I understand the cards themselves but am not sure how to do a spread. Do you just throw few cards out or..? past present futur…I just have trouble putting it altogether.

    thank you.
    love love love this happy I recently found it!!!

    • Hi Lorraine,
      Thank you very much for your comment. The Art Deco fortune telling cards can be used in many layouts. I would suggest starting out with a 3 card spread. The Simple Trigger layout works well with this deck as well and can be found at the *ASK my LAYOUTS* website. There you will find easy instructions. I created a specially designed tutorial handbook for the Art Deco deck and will offer it at ETSY website some time in March as well as the Lenormand and Zigeuner “Gipsy” Wahrsagekarten. You can send me an email from that site. It’s free to join.
      Happy Cartomancy. Seaqueen

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