Reading for seniors

This afternoon I had the opportunity to read for a regular client.  I have known this lady for nearly 2 decades.  I admire her youthful outlook on life and her great fashion sense.  This lady is 65+.

One would wonder what you could tell a senior at that age which was not health related in some way.  The person would not have typical concerns about work because they are retired.  They might have  other projects they are involved in or concerns about their partner/family. When they are widowed they may wonder if a steady companion is on the horizon.  Grandchildren and even great grandchildren can be a significant part of their life.

Often women this age discover the Wise Woman within and go on spiritual quests.  Males can discover hobbies.  Many times people succumb to the aging process without hearing the music which still plays in their heart.

I used the Tarot cards for this reading.  The  Celtic cross is not always the best way to go for certain people. I did the Horoscope wheel as well.  Much to my alarm the first two cards in the Celtic  cross disturbed me when I saw them.  I quickly glanced at the 7th card (one’s attitude in some systems) and the 10th indicating the outcome.  

For the purpose of this post I will only talk about the first two cards with some mention of cards 7 & 10.  Lady E. has always been brutally honest with me and gives me feedback whether I want to hear it or no.  For this I am grateful and it helps me to gauge my accuracy.  

In the image you will see the micro cross of the Celtic cross formed by card 1 and card 2.

continued in next post.

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