3 thoughts on “Zigeuner (gipsy cards) posts

  1. Dear Sonya,

    The meanings for the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck were posted at one time. I pulled the meanings as they are being used in a Handbook.

    I will probably post some keywords for the cards over the next few months. I would email them to privately but I don’t think WordPress permits email contact. Not sure about that though??

    Take care,


  2. i find the gipsy cards very intuitiv to read. that’s maybe why loads of ppl find them difficult to read. it takes a while to understand their language, and imho, the images of the piatnik deck doesn’t really help. although they are ptetty, they evolved from a very specific aera, which limits their receptiveness a lot. i created my own deck, which works fine, and i got my own system, which i improve. my aim is to create a deck, which is easier to interprete and more empowering.


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