Lenormand Sun card’s power is always welcome.

sun (31)

Keyphrases: related to forms of luck, optimistic attitude, uplifting energy, cheery personality, warm feelings, celebratory mood. Power Card: brings encouragement in the midst of adversity. Foe: post card-Scythe

Jeu du Destin Lenormand deck

Jeu du Destin Lenormand deck

When the SUN appears in a reading, especially when it follows a number of challenging cards this suggests the outcome will be a promising result.  This card is always a joy to have in a layout.  The only time it may not be so positive is when the SCYTHE follows it.  The reason for this is because the scythe ends whatever situation is occurring, thus, the end of happiness -it will be short term.

As a personality card, it will describe the person as being honest with a positive outlook on life.

In work related questions it can suggests connections to the travel industry or working in an environment that is not emotionally toxic.

When travel questions are asked the SUN could indicate locations near the equator & if this is not so then the trip will be most enjoyable no matter where you go.

Questions about well-being suggest the strength and vitality to overcome certain maladies. Other factors need to be considered.  If more serious conditions surround the person look for the TREE card and see what cards surround it.

In the company of minor setback cards, the SUN will eliminate or lesson some of the hardships or delays.  This card reminds you to remain open these little tests of faith and to know that they are not as bad as they seem.  One must use common sense to determine the degree of seriousness around problems or circumstances.

A good accompanying card with the Sun card would be #9 Bouquet/Flowers (celebration).

2 thoughts on “Lenormand Sun card’s power is always welcome.

  1. Hi, I enjoy your blog and read it often. There is such a myriad of information.
    This deck jeu du destin lenormand I cannot find anywhere. I have rare decks of Lenormand , like the Mystical, (which is quite rare) where I live.

    I really would like to purchase this, can you please point me in the right direction,

    Thank you so much for your time

    Sincerely Yours.

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