touching base

I’ve been quite busy over the last 6 months or so.  Lately, I’ve  studied extensive Palmistry, re-learning the Hebrew alphabet (in relation to the Tarot majors & Tree of life) and doing readings both in person and through email.  Oh yes, can’t forget about the day job.

I really wanted to think about what I could write about.

I’d had the opportunity to read some of the other blogs which feature various card systems and really enjoyed some of the great posts (websites I include in the Card Lovers Community Directory).

I’m kind of excited about going to another town in April to do an all day show. Well, I call it a show.  It’s similar to a mystic party but will span out a good part of the day.  When I did the  last couple of readings, I realized just how much I miss the interaction with the person getting the reading done.  You can write about cards until you are blue in the face but sitting front of a human who is staring back at you, hanging on to every word you say -is truly an exciting experience.

I know I will be higher than a kite after reading all these people in the April bookings.  Everyone is different. For me, I put a lot of energy into reading cards.  I read with my entire body.  I always worry if the Clairaudient aspect of myself will be functional, and if I will be able to hear the guidance or if it will be warbled as it can sometimes be.

In the 35+ years of practical Cartomancy experience, I still get the jitters…. 🙂

They aren’t anything serious but it’s almost like stage fright.  I know other readers feel the same way, too.

I have done so many E-readings lately that were extensive and time consuming.  I know I would never have been able to say all of what I wrote in an hour session.  There was more time to think, more time to reflect and definitely more time to edit the reports.

Somehow you cannot edit while in a one-on-one predicament because you lose credibility.  I suppose there are pros and cons to everything.

I thought I’d just post a touching base article for now & plan to return with some new cards to write about.  Well, they aren’t new, they are in my collection but I just haven’t gotten around to writing about them.

I hope everyone has a love filled Valentine’s day and for those of you who may not have a special Valentine try being good to yourself.  Genuine self love is the greatest gift you can give to the Universe.

from Me to You

from Me to You

2 thoughts on “touching base

  1. thank you for such a wonderful resource here – a lot of love and work has gone into this blog!

    I found you through my own blog (wordpress’ ‘related links’) which is about divination, most specifically Bibliomancy and astrology – although I also read cards, and I’m working on creating an oracle.

    I needed to see this blog today because I’ve asked about why I’m having shooting pains through the top of my thumb – now I see that this is an issue of ‘will’ and determination.

    Danae Sinclair

  2. Dear Danae,

    Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you enjoy some of the information provided on the blog.

    The pain shooting through the top of your thumb can suggest issues of mind control in relation to certain projects and you are absolutely correct in your own insights regarding this.

    From my research the brain sends signals to parts of the body which rule aspects of one’s own life. It truly is an amazing system which can help a person to address issues which may have been overlooked.

    If you look on your palm and study your head line (which I will blog about next) you may see what is a writer’s fork at the end.

    The head line is the second obvious crease from the bottom of the fingers. When the end (the side closest to the edge of the palm)splits in two with one line dipping into the lower left meaty part (using your right hand -the future) it indicates a great imagination which can be utilized when creating your oracle.

    Stay tuned for more palmistry tips. A new blog about palmistry is currently being set up (time permitting). Take care and happy blogging. Madame Seaqueen.

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