Sibylle de la Bohemienne

The Sibilla della Zingara deck (Gypsy Oracle Cards) contains the LWB which has no meanings for the individual cards.  It is written that one is to study the images on the cards and the identification name to come up with some sort of reading.  The reader asks questions at the beginning to help clarify some of these cards so that the category can be ascertained.  Sounds easy enough.

I think when you read the cards in this manner your psychic muscles get a real work out.

In the image below is the layout from the LWB.  My writing doesn’t show up clear where I have identified the spots for the five cards. The question asked is whether or not Veronica (a regular Ask my Cards client) will get a raise in pay.

Will Veronica get a raise?

Will Veronica get a raise?

Card 1 – center.  The Present- Sorrow.

The woman in the image looks like she is weeping and definitely looks like she is in a giving up mood.  The feeling I get from this card is that Veronica is feeling very happy for some reason.  This could be her current state of mind. Something is really bothering her to the point of grief.  I can’t imagine she would be so upset about a raise and feel there is and underlying problem not connected to her question.

Card 2 -above.  The Past – Hope.

What a strange looking image of a blindfolded person.  The piece of cloth around the eyes is tied to the chain of some gadget which I am not even sure what it is.  I don’t get the feeling of any kind of hope with this card.  It gives me the feeling of desperation.  Since it falls in the past I would have to say Veronica has been feeling depressed about a lot of things in her life.  The name of the card might be suggesting she has hung on to a ray of hope in the midst of a binding situation.  Veronica could be chained to her job out of pure necessity.

Card 3- below.  The near future.  Wedding.

The image of a wedding taking place gives me the feeling of some type of cooperation coming up in relation to the question about getting a raise.  It could be a commitment for more money but in exchange there is a responsibility which is depicted by marriage.

Card 4- to the right of center.  The obstacles.  Scholar.

The scene in the card shows a man reading a large book.  In the background is a library.  When I look at this card I see that knowledge could be a hindrance.  The lack of education or training.  Maybe Veronica’s raise is based on her level of education as well.  When you have a degree, you get paid more even if you aren’t as smart as someone without a degree.  Unfortunately this is the way it is in many businesses and organizations.  In the obstacle spot, there is a clear warning of a some disadvantage.  It is not a negative answer as the near future card (wedding) if filled with promise.

Card 5- to the left of center.  Advice- Soldier.

One could read this card in a multitude of ways.  The image portrays a soldier who is either in a protective mode or ready to charge into action.  As an advice card, I think Veronica is well  prepared.  The reason I feel this is mainly because the Wedding card is in the near future.  Another way to look the Soldier card is for Veronica to take a stance if possible regarding the pay raise issue.

When Soldier is combined with Sorrow it suggests a defensive wall surrounding Veronica.  She is apprehensive about the results.  I’ll post the update to this reading when I find out the answer.

UPDATE:  FEB 28.09 –  No news yet.

UPDATE:  MARCH 09.09 – no news

UPDATE:  March 17.09 – the answer arrives — read this post.


One thought on “Sibylle de la Bohemienne

  1. whenever i see a photo of how to read these cards, it’s never mentioned that a card could be upside down, does it reverse the meaning of the card and is it applied in this form of tarot? the short instructions don’t mention this, but they say that the part of the cards should be turned in a half turn while shuffling them? i’m new at this so i don’t know much . thank you for your help

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