Tragedy predicted by the Lenormand cards?

Before I continue with the Simple Trigger layout’s comparative analysis involving Phoenix, Spiritsong and myself I want to share a reading with everyone.  

I did a reading about 6 months ago for a female friend who I have known for over 25 years.  This person gets a full reading at least once a year.  In my personal code of ethics I usually will not read someone again for at least 9 months within the same 12 month span.

There is written documentation of this reading since I write at the same time as I talk in one-on-one sessions.

I (or was it the cards) foretold of a situation which would involve a bizarre circumstance or accident.  When I said this I was focusing on PATH and SCYTHE combined.  For the lack of finding another word beside ‘unexpected or sudden’ which is the traditional association of SCYTHE, I said ‘bizarre’.  The reason I said accident was the feeling I got from these two cards. PATH is not only an option or choice but also a physical road or highway.

Looming close by was COFFIN, HEART, and CHILD.  I don’t have the exact order of the cards in front of me and I would have to ask my friend for a photocopy of what I wrote.  I know I jotted down the card names which showed up in this reading.  Also, close by was GARDEN and BOOK.

My gut feeling with the trio mentioned above was that the bizarre situation would involved a loved one or someone she (my friend) cared about.  I did not have a good feeling about my interpretation but kept on hammering the point.  I really don’t know why I was so insistent, after all, there is always that element of being wrong or misinterpretation.  

I went so far as to say, there would be a death before the end of the year, 2008.  When I studied GARDEN & BOOK, I told her the situation would be revealed in the newspaper initially.   When I glanced at COFFIN & GARDEN, I had a strong feeling it was a funeral.  I have seen this combination in the past to mean exactly that.

About 3 months after the reading, my friend’s nephew got hit in the head with a piece of wood which created severe pain for the young man.  She thought perhaps this is what I saw.  Yes, it was a bizarre circumstance, yes he was a loved one but the other details did not fit.

I wondered about it.  Was this situation what I saw?  And why would I say there would be a death?  Of course, we both worried the nephew may have developed serious brain damage.  In time, all the testing proved to be normal.

Last night, I found out something different………………

On Dec 31, 2008 the son of my friend’s former high school boyfriend  was in a freak car accident. He was killed instantly.  She read about it in the local newspaper.  My friend did attend the funeral.  This young man who passed away was the only child.   May he rest in peace.

2 thoughts on “Tragedy predicted by the Lenormand cards?

  1. Hi Sea Queen,

    Thanks for the update, and yes may ‘he rest in peace” a interesting draw and how it panned out in the end. The storks at the end of the third column is what threw me, because I take it to mean, improvement or change in a relationship. I guess the death at the end, was literally a “death”
    Lenormand never ceases to amaze me.

    Thanks for sharing Sea Queen


  2. Hi again,

    I just realised, that you were talking about another reading, not the one for the trigger layout…Sorry. But condolences still for the “young man” who had died.


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