Saturn in Virgo

Those of you who  share a Pisces (opposite) or Virgo birthday may have experienced a blah 2008.  This is partly due to the Saturn in Virgo transit.  

For the Pisces  Sun sign people  a great relief  will come in the spring – summer of 2009 because the opposition will  separate.  

Depending on the day of  your birthday some of  you may have experienced a lighter energy around you already.  Oppositions of the Sun are tough especially when Saturn is involved.  The full vitality of the Sun’s energy is curbed and limited.  On top of that oppositions require a trade off and there is no merging or collaboration possible. It’s one way or another, a type of giving up one thing to get another.

The same applies to the Sun conjunct Saturn aspect. I think this transit is probably a bit more difficult because Saturn is the monkey on the Sun’s back.  Many of you who celebrate a Virgo birthday have noticed almost a wet blanket feeling over your emotions and situations this year. 

As I mentioned in a preceding paragraph,  generally speaking the Virgo -Pisces opposition will be over in about 6 months.   I say generally because some of you will still be experiencing it over the summer months. Check your chart to see the Pisces sun degree at the time of your birth.  Allow 8 degrees for the orb either way -this is the traditional measurement for the opposition.  

Saturn will enter Libra on October 30, 2009 and will  begin chaos in Aries/Libra for about 2.5 years.  If you are neither Libra or Aries Sun Sign by birth, those areas rules by these 2 signs will come under scrutiny.  If you have a stellium of difficult natal aspects then you can prepare for Saturn’s trigger.  Something will happen.  Study any house which has a natal opposition because it will be intensified.  

I have lived through one such stellium trigger and have a general idea of what might occur.  It will not be identical because I am  that much older.  The transit was so powerful that my life direction resulted in a 360.  Coincidently or not, this timeframe is also confirmed in my broken life line on my palm.  

It is believed our charts are a continuation of a previous life.  If you take the 12th house to be the first, then the 10th becomes the 4th.  A lot can be learned by reading the chart in reverse.  If you see Saturn heading into one of the karmic houses you will have a chance to learn your lesson in this lifetime.  If you don’t, it will most likely be repeated the next time around.  This is not easily proven.   Memories of prior lifetimes can be recalled and if this is the case then post lifetimes can be predicted as well.

I should mention that the House in which Pisces and/or Virgo rule will be the areas which are affected.  This will be different for all people.  

Of course all the other transits going on in your astrological chart must be factored in too.  Much depends on your natal chart as well.   For example, if you have a strong Jupiter and have experienced abundance throughout your life when this planets triggers off other favorable planets you will have much more abundance.  But if your natal Jupiter is in a challenging position the transit will not bring great abundance more like minimal.

Now if you are about to experience your 1st or 2nd Saturn return while the transit is in Virgo or Saturn – your life will change accordingly.  Many of the baby boomers will be experiencing the 2nd Saturn return.  

Look back to about 30 years ago- what major life shift happened??

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