Block of 9 – 3 examples using Lenormand style cards

3 Examples of reading Lenormand cards
In the block of nine layout. (excerpts from real-life readings in a full board layout using 36 cards)
1  4  7

2  5  8

3  6  9
Example #1
Wahrsagekarten No 194115

Wahrsagekarten No 194115

1child, 2bouquet, 3ship
The cards suggest that you are in the process of adopting a new outlook on some situation that surrounds you. This is a necessity because remaining optimistic is important. A token of appreciation comes your way from a light haired male who is at a distance.
4birds, 5coffin, 6lily
Commerce or business does have some disturbances but will clear up. You will get some news which puts your mind at ease. At least now you know where you stand on a sensitive issue. There will be lengthy discussion with someone who is attracted to you
7dog, 8ship, 9key
Another male is prominent in your communications as well. He has always been loyal to you and you can count on his know-how to develop or solve a business idea that would require frequent short trips. This looks promising and the solutions would restore a more harmonious flow.
Example #2
Mystical Lenormand

Mystical Lenormand

1cross, 2anchor, 3stars
A decision has been made concerning your work or job. There is some sort of settlement in a matter that has created and caused a silent suffering due to the inability of getting closure. It is not what you had hoped for but it is a start.   In the long run this will be in your best interest.
4fox, 5letter, 6clover
The thrill of risk taking is on simmer as they say. Make sure that you think before accepting any offers as they will be short lived. The timing is off and even though the lure of additional money may be there try to resist. Avoid buying anything on impulse as it most likely will be defective in a few days.
7house, 8mouse, 9whip
An unlucky omen around the place you call home. This will be problems in communication. No matter how hard you try the battle is just not worth it. It is a lost cause and you should conserve your energy.
Example #3
Tziganes Lenormand

Tziganes Lenormand

1fish, 2stork, 3gentleman
Increase in the financial level of your matrimonial partner (if you are a female). However, as a male it is equally as good.
The financial stagnation you have felt will finally change and start moving towards the direction you want.
4sun, 5moon, 6ring
A highly emotional time coming up. Excitement is in the air over a commitment or marriage. If you are single, you could receive a marriage proposal with a “catch”.
7rider, 8path, 9mountain
Travel is shown for you- a mini vacation, you are heading for the hills for a change of scenery. A decision faces you from some information you recently received. There is an obstacle but it will be overcome. A learning experience no doubt.
I have briefly summarized the columns of cards. There is no great depth to the interpretation because the rows and the diagonal lines need to be read as well. The synthesis of the columns and rows should be going on in your mind prior to speaking to your client. If you get stuck, use any trio combination to encourage more discussion.
I think a reading should be an interactive process. Many times there is no feedback or response. There are many reasons for this but you, as a reader, should give as much information as you can to assist the person you are reading for.

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