Titania’s Fortune Cards


Titania's Fortune Cards

Titania’s Fortune Cards are presented in a unique way using negative photographic images.  Kinda cool to look at. 

I selected these 4 cards to demonstrate a theme.  A love theme.

I have always read the BEAR card to mean power either subdued or aggressive.  Sometimes I will use it to suggest an older man or a sum of money and it depends which deck I am using.  For the purpose of this tutorial I have assigned the meaning of power to the Bear card.  It is my own preference through years of practical experience.

The LADY on the far left and the GENTLEMAN on the far right have 2 cards between them.  The BEAR and the HEART.  I read this as a great love between these two individuals.  A powerful, protective love.

If the LADY has no one special in her life at the time of the reading then she will meet a wonderful man.  He will be her life partner and the two will share profound feelings for each other.  The love will be nurturing and demonstrative, none of this lip service.  They will show their love for each other on a daily basis.  It would be the ideal relationship-marriage.

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