Reviewing Zigeuner combinations

A question about a Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck layout  in the comments section from  Contessa

I was curious – what would you take away from the marriage card being surrounded by both fortune and misfotrune?

I have the following:


It appears to me that the relationship in question will be over permanently, and that the lady involved needs to use wisdom so she can move on. I also found it interesting that the Widower comes before death – profound grief before the end perhaps?

Many thanks for any insight you’d be willing to share

Thank you for your question. Your analysis is in keeping with the principal meanings  of these cards.  I have found that the true legend Gipsy deck can describe situations in a way that cuts through the chase.  

Sometimes the obvious is the correct interpretation.  

The latter cards place MARRIAGE  in jeopardy or so it seems.  One must study the cards a little deeper because there could be two things going on within the 5 cards.  It all depends on which card you are using as the focal point.

For example, if WIDOWER is used as the focus, it can describe a commitment or serious relationship (MARRIAGE)  which had a wonderful beginning (FORTUNE) in the past.  There could have been a major rift (MISFORTUNE) which eventually  will end in a surrender (DEATH) only to begin anew.

These cards can also predict an accident (MISFORTUNE)  to a person close to the WIDOWER.  The MARRIAGE would represent the partner or other person. 

When reading MARRIAGE to represent a relationship, then I tend to agree with some of your analysis. The WIDOWER would be the grieving stage after the collapse (MISFORTUNE) leading to the DEATH card which is the final stage.  Within this final stage is the glimmer of re-birthing and often a relationship will change and go to another level but continue. This happens all the time in marriage type situations.  When a separation does occur through breakdown of the relationship the DEATH card becomes like the ‘period’ at the end of a sentence.

If an old gypsy woman from Eastern Europe was reading these cards back in the mid 1950’s the DEATH card would mean the marriage  is over and the person will be devastated.   Those yesteryear card readers did not include much spiritual philosophy or alternate levels of meaning for these cards.  Old fashioned fortune telling is quite dramatic.


4 thoughts on “Reviewing Zigeuner combinations

  1. Thank you so much. I love the gipsy cards, but I am still very awkward and uncomfortable with them. I am rather happy to have a grasp of the basics.

    I guess to some degree I was turning a blind eye here. I was aware of the implication of rebirth but was very hopeful that the lady would be able to move on. She has not, and your interpretation using the widower as a base has been accurate thus far. I am not sure how different the relationship might be, but one can hope.

    I think you might agree that the “fortune teller” of today is a different person than his or her predecessor. The dramatic florishes are no longer necessary. The craft is more subtle at this point in its history. Now the cartomancer strives to do more than act as a seer and simply read cards, but as guide and to some degree a therapist for their client. I suppose it has become more compassionate

    Perhaps more people feel that they are in control of their destiny and have the ability to change things. Or perhaps more cartomancers do?

  2. I’m so grateful that I found this site! I am starting to learn how to read these cards and have a very basic question. I have read a few times at various sources that there are several “common” life themes/questions that are focused on during readings. While I know there are many more after that, I can’t find a list of the most common ones anywhere… any chance you may be able to post them? I have an idea of what I think they are, but I would love to know if I’m missing anything…

    Thank you!

  3. Hello Alison,
    Thank you for your comment.
    Your question would be a good topic for a post. Yes there are common life themes which are very much like the houses of an astrological chart. In fact more than enough.
    I’ll write out some themes which I think have been questioned in the many years I have done readings.
    Stay tuned to the posts. More about layouts –> *Ask my Layouts*

    tutorial blog.
    Madame Seaqueen

  4. Hi madame seaqueen

    Today, for my day card reading I pulled out the House card, which was around 6.00am, I then decided to lay another 4 cards next to the house and it read;


    I am currently involved with a legal matter concerning our house in greece! I checked my email 1hour later and had recieved a email from a law ferm that would look at my case

    What are the cards telling me! I am worried over the outcome. If you could shed some light I would be forever grateful, thank you ever so much.

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